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  1. Took my baby for a very quick photo shoot the other day after a wash and wax. Anyone know of any stately homes which can be used as a background for photography? Free of course! Where there are little to no interruptions.
  2. Has anyone here got the rear entertainment for their XJ and had issues with digital signals? Has anyone found a way to overcome these issues?
  3. This issue has now been fixed. Without needing to check and change fuses. Apparently a common fault with this model, simply disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes should reset the system and they work fine again.
  4. Thanks guys! Thinking of booking it in for AutoGlym Lifeshine actually. What do you think to that idea?
  5. Just had my beauty washed. 2011 XJL
  6. Hi there fellow Owners. i have the rear comfort pack for my 2011 XJL but the seat adjustments do not seem to be working. The recliner and lumbar support buttons do not activate anything on the seats, and the fuse box confused the hell out of me as it doesn’t match the handbook. Anyone know which fuses are definitely or SHOULD be used for the rear seats? I assumed luggage compartment fuses F12 and F13 going by the book, but found the fuses to be different. Someone please help! 😢
  7. Hi Peter, Thanks for the welcome. I’m based on Portland, so Weymouth is the nearest town for me. Hope you enjoy it there.
  8. Thank you, and yes I hate taking it to car parks. I will always try to park it as far away as possible or in a space on the end so only one car can park next to me. Other than that, it’s nearly impossible to find a space long enough to fit the car in to.
  9. Good evening ladies and gents, My name is Steve, but most people call me Stevie. I have been looking at buying a Jag for a couple of years now and finally found one that I was happy to purchase. Shes a 2011 XJL Portfolio with a wide range of extras (possibly all of them) which includes rear entertainment and rear comfort packages. She is in very good condition for the age and mileage. So far I am happy with my purchase, and keen to meet some people who appreciate the beauty that the Jag brings, maybe even attend some social events.