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  1. R2e


    Sorry Chris I have no idea. I know he used a piggyback connector on an existing fuse as he came and told me the cover didn't fit with the connector, did I want him to move it elsewhere, but I was in a bit of a rush so the fuse box cover languishes in the glove box!
  2. R2e

    XK Knee.

    Should one be posting pics of....er.......(remembers forum's predilection for redacting any words that could possibly offend).....lady's battery operated fun toys in a Jaguar forum?
  3. R2e

    Is it just me?

    I tend to agree Knut Are, I have got used to the XE and XF shapes now and consider them better than I did at first. I do remember however seeing a 2017 XJR on the motorway a while back and being blown away by it.
  4. R2e

    Budget headlamp polishing

    I'd go for a dedicated kit...wait, I did go for a dedicated kit (two different ones in fact) for both the S Type and the unfavourite wife's Honda Jazz, and both sets of results were excellent. Something I've always wanted to try, but never got round to it, is to use the Micromesh abrasive sheets/pads (goes from 1500 to 12000 grade) I used to use for polishing nitrocellulose lacquer on guitar restorations after respraying. It was apparently originally developed for removing scratches from acrylic (perspex) aircraft canopies during the 2nd World War. Certainly takes finishes to the point where a buff with slightly abrasive polish leaves a sparkling mirror shine. One day I'll dig them out and give it a try. The only downside it is time consuming as you have to work your way through the grades, removing the scratches left by the previous grade.
  5. Glad to hear you got it sorted Mark!
  6. R2e

    replacing centre ashtray console

    This is a job I have intended to do for some time (I did it in my previous Merc, see below). To me the Jag ashtray lends itself to such modification better than the Merc but until I take the whole thing to bits I won't be able to confirm that. Incidentally the two into one widget Peter mentions above won't fit (I have one.....)
  7. R2e

    XJS meets D-type

    Love the electrics! Voltage regulator, Flasher unit (I suspect this is a later addition, those 'Lucar' spade connectors came in in the 60's replacing the bullet connectors which in turn replaced screwed on terminals as seen on the regulator) and two junction boxes, all Lucas. Back in the days of Empire when Britain was great!
  8. R2e

    XK Knee.

    I hadn't thought about this before in any detail, I use the automatic seat backward move, and get out as described. However getting in I stick my left leg under the steering wheel, holding onto aforesaid wheel, while sliding that which must not be mentioned, in case the forum redacts it (you think an XK Knee is painful, wait until you've had a redacted !Removed!!) onto the seat. My right leg then follows. I must try the !Removed! onto the seat first then swing legs technique, which was the method I used to get into my previous Merc ML, though that was coupled with a little jump to place aforementioned !Removed! onto the seat as it was quite high up.
  9. R2e

    Is it just me?

    A lost video has come to light showing Steve making up his mind -
  10. R2e

    Is it just me?

    Just no commitment among Jaguar owners these days....🏎️
  11. R2e

    Is it just me?

    I think it has developed an air of timeless elegance, no longer affected by the latest fashion unlike the XF perhaps which is beginning to look a little dated against its contemporaries. I know, even after 15 months of ownership, I find myself looking out of the window at it sitting on the drive, or returning to it when parked, and admiring its lines. Perhaps I'm biased but I still think it is a beautiful looking car and I consider myself very lucky to own one.
  12. R2e


    Kevin, my dash cam fitted by Halfords also, hides behind the mirror and the cable is fed inside the trim all the way to the fuse box, so no wire hanging down!
  13. Knut Are was referring not to me but to Джереми Кларксон, which if you know your Cyrillic translates to the one and only Jeremy Clarkson.
  14. This business of pairing the key constantly comes up, but there are certain models of the S Type where you CANNOT pair the key with any method other than using the SDD/IDS software. Goodness knows I've tried, and like you Mark I don't get the chime, not even with a good key that works everything (I have one key that is dead). I do have the SDD/IDS stuff with Mongoose cable on an old XP laptop but I'm semi afraid to try this in case I end up with two dead keys! The thing is I have never lost a car key in 50+ years of driving and for the past goodness knows how many years my spare key has sat in my desk drawer until the car finally gets sold and it is passed on to the new owner, thus I can really afford to wait until the good key gets lost or becomes dead.
  15. R2e

    Pimp my Hilux

    If I suggested that to my wife, she'd simply laugh and say "Good luck with that!" And she'd be right. No, tempus fugit as they say and my days of chasing cheerleaders are well and truly over. 😥