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  1. Yes I meant cut the old one off. I've reread your post and I see it is the hub you are having problems removing, not the ring....
  2. Just a thought - is it worth cutting through the ring(s) with a cutting disc (on a Dremel or similar) then opening the cut with a cold chisel and if they don't move of their own volition then a puller should be able to get them off?
  3. R2e

    Climate Control Problem

    Dual Climate Control valve, a very common problem - see this article http://jaguarclimatecontrol.com/diagnose/ The DCCV will need to be replaced come what may, it may also have damaged the Module (there are different variants for with/without Satnav. These can be obtained at a reasonable price on ebay.
  4. R2e

    New Mk 2 Jaguar --- Ian Callum.

    Very nice, though there is a little voice in my head suggesting this is like putting high heels, a boob tube and mini skirt on my grandmother........
  5. I too remember Borstals Steve, though I think they were one step further down the penal system than approved schools. Fortunately I only fell from grace once, when I was persuaded to be a lookout for some other nine year olds who wanted to break into a house that belonged to an old deceased gentleman because they believed he had 'walking sticks' (go figure). Needless to say when the crime came to light, I had been spotted sitting on the wall outside whistling..... A visit from the local constabulary in the person of Officer Officer (I kid you not, 'Officer' was his surname), a kindly gentleman who didn't threaten and simply pointed out the error of my ways (he had told my father, expecting him to deal with it, but my father felt, rightly, that a visit from the boys in blue would frighten the ordure out of me. He was right) nipped my prospect of a life of crime in the bud, though I admit to various parking tickets and one speeding offence in Bognor Regis of 36mph in a 30mph zone in the many years since then. Perhaps a spell in Borstal would have cured me of this serious criminal tendency, who knows.
  6. R2e

    Happy Anniversary!

    To be honest Steve, if disaster happened, and it had to go, I'd buy another in a heartbeat.
  7. Hi Ian, glad to see your XF is 'approved', like the school I used to go to... 🤣 (Only the older members of the forum will understand that joke as approved schools have been renamed since 1973. I just couldn't resist giving the old joke an outing though, there's very little opportunity these days)
  8. R2e

    Hi Chaps

    Hi Ryan, be aware we are an equal opportunity forum and there are chapess members as well as chaps! 😉
  9. Today is the first anniversary of collecting my lovely S Type, unsurprisingly exactly one year ago today! The car has proved a delight, pretty much trouble free, and just so much fun to drive. It is in my opinion the best car I have ever owned, certainly the fastest and most comfortable, and I'm no stranger to 'executive' cars. It is probably the cheapest year's motoring I have had for many years, potential depreciation very much lower than actual annual depreciation on previous vehicles, repairs have been limited to the items I knew about at the time of purchase, namely the O2 sensor (supplied by the selling dealer with the car) and the ubiquitous heater control valve problem (the dealer knocked money off the price when I pointed this out). In addition, the previous MOT before purchase showed a worn front wheel bearing as an advisory so I expected to have to fix this at some point, and it was replaced as soon as I started to get ABS faults coming up. And that's been it really, a few 'treats' in terms of LED lighting, a replacement gear knob for £12 (the lacquer on the old one is cracked and in process of being refurbished), a replacement audio amp for £20, Dash Cam (Premium Membership proved its worth in the 15% discount from Halfords on this item plus fitting), and most recently, the mesh grille insert for £38.75. The car has also had a service and passed MOT with a single advisory relating to mild corrosion on the front right brake pipe. So all in all, I'm feeling very happy, I did my homework before buying so I knew what to look for and I would go as far as to say this has been my best purchase in some 50 years of car ownership. I had already decided on nothing earlier than the first 2002.5 facelift, petrol was the best bet for me, preferably the 4.2 V8, and so it came to be. Even if a disaster happened tomorrow and it had to be consigned to cat heaven, though hopefully that won't happen, I would still feel I'd had a worthwhile return on the moneys I have spent. The grin continues...😁
  10. I suppose the correct answer would be "Me Sir Francis...." Further note to moderator software.....whilst referring to the boneless portion as 'Duck Chest' of course, anything else would be unthinkable.
  11. Ah the joys of the English.....er......language. I always recall my first visit to Yorkshire (Doncaster) in the 70's where I went off to the pub toilet only to be almost bowled over by a guy emerging. He grabbed me to stop me falling, sort of patted me down while saying "Sorry luv...". Now as I did not have particularly long hair at the time, was wearing shirt and tie, and was just outside the gents clearly with the intention of entering, this worried me. I related this to my companion when I returned and she explained it was normal in Yorkshire for men to address other men as 'Luv'. Strange people.... I've tried to avoid going there again over the years as you might imagine.
  12. As a Scotsman who has lived in Central Africa and now lives in Kent in the South East, I refer to anything north of Watford as the 'Frozen North'. It always surprises me when I pass Watford on the M1 not to immediately see polar bears, igloos, and Inuit dressed in sealskin, fishing through the ice on frozen ponds, and assume CGI animation is in effect...
  13. I believe that's East Midlands, which includes Nottinghamshire
  14. R2e

    Automated locking on pull away

    Yes does sound like something is wrong, no wonder you want to disable the auto central locking! As a matter of interest does it unlock from the passenger's door or one of the rear doors? If so might be the driver's door actuator that is at fault, I found this thread - https://www.jaguarforum.com/showthread.php?t=45906
  15. R2e

    Automated locking on pull away

    You don't have to hit the button, just pull on the door handle to open as normal and it unlocks automatically (or should). The only time I use the unlock button is if I'm in the car with it locked and someone needs to open a door (such as in a hand car wash, where they clean round the shuts, etc.)