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  1. Phil

    Apologies Phil, you have obviously hit the forum at a time when the more senior members are taking their weekend nap (starts Thursday afternoon around 1pm). However, I don't think your consumption is so bad for a combined figure. It is a heavy vehicle after all and of course you have to figure in that Jaguar grin which doesn't come free!
  2. Hi Everyone

    No I don't Guy, no problem with the chrome, at least so far and I've owned it coming up 8 months, but one of the previous owners obviously lavished chrome on it, headlamps, tail lamps, etc! Not something I would have done, but I don't intend to remove it unless absolutely necessary. Here's a better pic of mine, I just love this car to bits! The best car I have ever owned, and I've had a few, including E, C and M class Mercs.
  3. Congratulations Sir Timothy and welcome to the forum. Nice looking car!
  4. Hi Everyone

    Hi Guy and welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll find lots of answers to your questions here! That's a nice looking S Type!
  5. Diagnostic Scan Tool

    In defence of British Diagnostics I had a similar problem with delayed delivery and lack of contact, it eventually turned out to be a problem that they'd been hacked which was !Removed! up their communication and they had to, in the end, use Gmail. The Mongoose cable and software, when it arrived worked perfectly. It's a bit on the slow side, which is down to the original software and of course XP on VMware, but the amount of info, particularly on SDD it provides is amazing. My car uses the IDS software which is a lot more basic, but my son's XFR is on SDD which is a lot better. One happy customer here! On reflection I think the biggest problem with BD is the lack of a phone number which doesn't exactly give a warm fuzzy feeling when things are going wrong.
  6. Halfords discount card

    Yes it's 15%. And if they are confused about what to do, tell them they have to calculate the discount manually, enter it, then scan the barcode on the card. I found a couple of staff who didn't know how to handle the card.
  7. Halfords discount card

    There don't seem to be any restrictions as my first purchase with the Halfords card was a dashcam +fitting. I've since bought all sorts of stuff from Halfords and got the discount every time.
  8. Glove compartment button

    Funny enough my son was looking at an XF a couple of weeks ago (he's buying it!) and I noticed the light was on when the engine was running (not sure about about any other time, but the headlamps weren't on) and was quite amused to find it opened the glove compartment. Can't tell you any more I'm afraid.
  9. Thoughts on this scan tool?......

    Personally, I bought the actual dealer level diagnostic software + mongoose cable from http://britishdiagnostics.co.uk/, all you need is a spare laptop to run it, preferably XP but the software runs in a virtual PC on almost any later Windows version. And it's a lot cheaper!
  10. Are these Jag headlights or an after market kit? Legally for Xenon you should have automatic self levelling and headlight washers and I think the wiring is quite different to the Halogen ones, including 1 or 2 extra relays. In addition Xenon has to be enabled with the Jaguar software. It is also possible, if they are genuine and you have done everything correctly, that the ballasts are giving problems, lights going on and off randomly is a symptom of bad ballasts. Plug and play LEDs are a better bet for standard halogen units and give a better light than Xenon.
  11. Winter tyres

    I had Nokians on one of my past cars, didn't really notice any degradation in handling during the summer and they wore fine, I liked them very much. I think we're sort of in the middle, not really hot enough much of the time that you can't just keep the winter tyres on, and not really cold enough that you can't get away with using your normal tyres most of the time. Unless of course you live in the North of the country
  12. mystrey noise

    I'd take a look in the engine compartment and under the car on the left and left front, and have a good poke around, what you describe sounds like something is loose and when you go left, swings left (or perhaps right, depending where the pivot point is) and perhaps hits the inner wing. If it swings the other way it perhaps doesn't hit anything. And of course if you're turning left, once it has hit whatever, it will stay in position until you straighten up or turn the other way. All theoretical of course.......
  13. Just a quick update as I know you have all been worrying yourself sick at the thought of me driving my S Type around with no sound from the radio or satnav! The problem is now fixed It turned out to be two things, first a clip on the Fibre Optic network, and once that was fixed, the most likely culprit was the amp (It's the premium Alpine system). I managed to obtain an amp from a scrappy, plugged it in and I have sound again. Thanks to Paul (Raistlin) for a replacement plug and good advice throughout. A tip for anyone who suffers the same problem, the X Type premium amp is the same as that for the S Type, but is available used for half the price or less of the S Type one.
  14. Waving at each other

    I am afraid waving at each other is something the bearded MG fraternity do (I should know I used to be one of them), far too downmarket for Jaguar owners. Perhaps a regal inclination of the head in the other driver's direction?
  15. Traffic Sign Recognition

    Quite! And the government wants us to have self driving cars............