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  1. New project anyone?

    I believe I already have...
  2. New project anyone?

    I feel sure Carole will be an expert on this subject...... black plumes and all.
  3. New project anyone?

    Looks to be in grave condition.......
  4. club clothing

    Welcome Jason, look under 'Shop' on the top menu (red background), plenty of stuff in there.
  5. V8 Expansion Tank - None Available!

    Good news Graham, sounds like it's OK!
  6. Another MOT Pass!

    I can take no credit Russ apart from buying a good 'un in the first place. I just sent it off to my tame mechanic for service and MOT and I saw the result online. Just waiting for it to be delivered back. And you're welcome to pick any brains I may have left.....
  7. Another MOT Pass!

    Delighted (and of course relieved!) to have just heard that my S Type has passed its MOT, with only one advisory "Offside front brake pipe slightly corroded". I can finally confirm that the LED Headlamp bulbs I fitted caused no problem as I suspected would be the case. I may get it washed this weekend as a special treat, it deserves one
  8. 5R55N Auto box

    I know we all laugh about poor old Bert's magnum opus, but I never had the benefit, I learned by being shown basic chords by friends/relatives then finding my own and learning how to fit them all to songs. I don't believe I've ever even seen a copy, but I've managed pretty well without it if I'm honest!
  9. 5R55N Auto box

    Nice one! I've always liked the Washburn acoustics but never tried the J4. Tell me about the price of Gibsons..... I have a 1967 Gibson Heritage, the sweetest sounding acoustic I have ever heard, pure luck I suspect as it has the adjustable bridge Gibson used in the late 60's which I would normally have replaced and also fitted a Fishman undersaddle pickup but I ain't gonna mess with that tone! It has the brazilian rosewood body with spruce top and mahogany neck and I believe is worth over £2k, I'm almost afraid to take it out of the case
  10. 5R55N Auto box

    What guitar are you buying Jim?
  11. A couple of evenings ago I was watching a Top Gear repeat from 2009 where Clarkson (yes I know a lot of people dislike him intensely but I find his on screen persona entertaining) raved about the Jaguar XFR. Compared to a BMW M5 his conclusion was the M5 was marginally better on the track, but the Jag was superior on the road. Nice to see a positive piece on a Jag from that sector!
  12. 5R55N Auto box

    Jim, I do agree wholeheartedly with you on viewing the car as a 'rolling restoration' rather than the more common view that the repairs will cost more than the car is worth. I saw someone, on another forum, saying it was time to scrap his S Type as it had cost him £2000 in the past year, so I call that £170 or thereabouts a month and look at what you can get for £170 a month. Now you could lease a brand new VW Up (be still my beating heart!) for that amount of money, but at the end of the lease period you'd be left with literally nothing. To lease the equivalent of the S Type with performance and comfort would be some £400-500 a month with a deposit up front, etc. Of course you could take out a can loan. For £170 a month over 3 years, you could get £5500 which ain't going to buy you a lot of cost free reliable motoring! And of course at the end of 3 years, your purchase would have depreciated as well. After years of buying cars based on how much I can afford to pay out monthly in finance and ignoring the up front and depreciation costs, I now think very differently. For example, some years ago I bought a lowish mileage Merc C270 CDI for £14k. I paid an upfront deposit of about £6k and in the region of £250 a month on a car loan over 4 years. Four years later I sold it for £6k. So four years of reliable, relatively comfortable motoring cost me £8k depreciation, £6k deposit, £9.6k loan repayments, a total of £23.6k, or £500 a month excluding service and on the road costs! And that was nowhere near the worst of my car purchases..... It is truly frightening when you start to look at the real cost of owning and running a car. I then took the advice of a German friend who purchased old, high mileage, executive cars with a view to running them into the ground at next to no cost. The S Type is the third in the line of such cars I have bought over the past nine years, and so far it has paid off. My last, a Merc ML350 over four years cost me around £2k in depreciation, about £300 in repairs including a new battery, £500 for a set of tyres, and normal servicing included discs and pads front and rear, handbrake shoes and a couple of ball joints. The S Type over the past ten months of ownership has cost me £200 for the replacement of a hub bearing and £100 for a battery. I don't visualise much in the way of depreciation unless the sills rot or something serious happens forcing me to sell the car as a non runner, in fact a quick check on Auto Trader shows the cheapest 4.2 V8 available nationwide is currently £2500 (plenty of basket case 2.5, 3.0 and diesels starting from £500, mainly from the pre 2002.5 facelift period and a couple of cheaper 4.0 V8s). When I bought mine, I was only really looking for the 4.2 V8 so I can only judge on those, the 4.2 V8s within 50 miles of where I live (not nationwide) started a lot cheaper than that so I assume they have in fact gone up in price over the past year). Similarly the STRs, the cheapest currently is an early one at £3500 have also gone up in price. As a comparison, the cheapest Merc E Class on Auto Trader currently is a high mileage 1999 E430 (coincidentally pretty close in performance to the naturally aspirated 4.2 V8) at £2995. I feel like I have stepped off the conveyor belt of car buying and my bank account feels a lot better for having done so! I also think I own a unique gem of a classic car, there is nothing else quite like the S Type.
  13. I've just done a full tank to full tank calculation of my actual fuel consumption on a trip to Leicester last week including 300+ miles on motorways (varied from stop start to high speed crusing) and around 30+ miles of local running. Despite not being known for having a light right foot, overall was 27.3 mpg, about 5 mpg better than my previous Merc ML350 on the same run. What a car!
  14. Brake Master Cylinder

    Manufacturers usually recommend that hydraulic fluid should be completely changed every 2 years.
  15. I kid you not

    Send them a photo of an empty tabletop "The cartridge which didn't arrive and is not here is shown in this photo"..........