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  1. It was the regulator. bought one from a Jaguar Parts Supplier , genuine used part with warranty all fitted and working well, a little tip to others, there are two types of Window Regulators, a Comfort one which lowers the window in steps and an automatic Regulator which also lowers the window with one press of the button, Always make sure you get the correct one otherwise the window will stay down and not return to the closed position. BAZZER RN
  2. I have a new car Steve its a Mercedes 320cdi Nice build quality, the Jag is my latest Toy to play around with BAZZER RN
  3. Hi Guys Can you please tell me if it is possible to adjust the clutch on my 2003 X Type 2.ol sports V6 , and also the Manual Gear Change is sometimes very stiff and difficult to change gears it seems that the selector maybe slightly out of alignment and causing the gear shift to be difficult to change compared to other manual gear cars I have had, is there a way to ease off the stiff gear change. Many Thanks BAZZER RN
  4. Hi Steve, Hopefully will tackle removing the Temp Gauge indication needle this weekend, will post how it goes, it might seem a bit technical but having an electronics company makes you think this way and maybe you are right about the technical aspect, anyway thanks for your replies Steve always pleased to have a bit of banter. Cheers Mate, Take Care & be Safe BAZZER
  5. Will do, Thanks to all for the replies BAZZER
  6. Hi Steve The Heater is working fine so that does rule out the Thermostat ,I still think the needle gauge is the problem that it has somehow gone below the Cold Mark when it should be aligned with it ,and as the Indicator is moving as the engine warms up it should be between the Cold and Hot midway on the temp gauge, not off the scale at the bottom and then midway to the Cold indication mark on the dial BAZZER RN
  7. I got my Leaper off Ebay A genuine part in excellent condition , looks great on my Black x type , The 3M Adhesive seems to do the job perfectly, time will tell I guess. Got it for only £ 17.50 + UK postage , So a bargain , Didnt want to drill through the Bonnett as thats a potential rust trap BAZZER RN
  8. Hi Guys Any answers from any Tech Guys out there, I think I may have to contact the manufacturer VISTEON Direct to ask the question Cheers BAZZER RN
  9. Hi Guys Bit of an error. I should have said the Temperature needle at the moment is well below the COLD Mark on the Gauge but it does move up when the engine gets warm, maybe taking the Needle off and re setting it so that the Needle is actually on the COLD Mark Gauge indication before the engine is started might cure the problem and the Temperature Needle might rise to between Cold and Hot when the engine warms up, maybe somehow the Needle has got loose and fallen below the Cold Mark on the Gauge Hope thats a bit clearer what I am am trying to do All help would be appreciated Cheers Guys BAZZER RN
  10. Just had a thought, are there any Instrument Tech Guys out there who can advise, All of the Gauges except for the Temp Gauge are all working fine. If I can remove the temp indicator needle which at the moment appears to be working as it does move as the temp goes up but is below the zero mark on the Gauge. If I remove the actual gauge needle and re align it to the Zero position on the gauge . it may rise to the correct level as the engine temp rises, this might be all that is wrong with it. Any Instrument Tech Members out there who could tell me if this is possible, I don't want to buy another instrument panel if this can be fixed by this simple method. All replies will be greatly appreciated Many Thanks BAZZER RN
  11. Hi Guys thank you for info and replies. I cant seem to find him, he might come back to me if he reads this BAZZER RN
  12. Thanks Mate If he reads this he may contact me otherwise I will try to contact him Thanks again for the info and have a good week end BAZZER RN
  13. Cheers Jimbo, would you have another contact for Mark Burton as I am not on Facebook Many Thanks BAZZER RN
  14. Wanted Please, I need an Instrument Dashboard Gauge Panel for a 2003 X Type 2.0l Petrol V6 The details on my existing Panel are : AV Lens 1x4F-10B 885-AB VISTEON 1 X 4F-10841A AU 44ZU-195 If any Member has one of these ,Please let me know the price and carriage cost Many Thanks BAZZER RN