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  1. Hi Guys I have a slight hesitant miss fire on my V6 Sports four door Petrol Saloon, I have replaced one of the ignition coils which appeared to be faulty but the fault is still there when the engine is on load , I would like to get it sorted when the engine is on low rev tick over the it runs smoothly with no sign of a miss fire and there is no engine warning light on the Dash. If there is a Jaguar Member in or near the Bournemouth/Ferndown Area and can throw some light on this problem I would be very grateful, I have had a local Garage have a look at this but they dont seem to be ab
  2. Thank you Guys I will try this First as suggested Stay Safe and Well BAZZER RN
  3. Thanks Trevor It is a bit of a mystery . seems to be coming from the from part of the engine but very difficult to pin the noise down from where its coming from, its got a few Mechanice scratching their heads at the moment, I had hoped that maybe another X type Owner somewhere had a similar problem , but thank you again for your suggestion I will have another look at this over the weekend and should I find anything I will let the Forum know and it might just help someone else who has this problem. Cheers Trevor BAZZER RN
  4. This might be one for the Technical Guys, I have a weird burbling sound coming from the engine, Its not affecting the performance or smooth running of the engine, I have taken it to a Mechanic but he cannot give me an answer to this , If any other X type V6 Sports Owner has had a similar problem with this burbling noise issue I would be interested to know what is causing it. Many Thanks to all for a Great Forum BAZZER RN
  5. Many Thanks Frank, Very Useful Info ,Will Have a go at adjusting it this weekend, would you also know the answer to this please, I had an MOT report saying Parking Brake inoperative on one Side, With your Knowledge of the X Type Do you know how this can be fixed please Many Thanks Frank BAZZER RN
  6. Hi Can any Member please help with advice on adjusting the Handbrake on 2003 X Type 2.00 V6 Petrol four door saloon Cheers Guys BAZZER RN
  7. Hi Guys, well eventually got round to tackling the Temp Gauge problem on my X type, I removed the Dash Panel , easy job only 10 mins work , I took apart the Gauges and removed the Temp Gauge Needle very carefully from the center sprocket and re-aligned it to the o position on the Gauge, reassembled the unit refitted the Dash and as an added precaution I replaced the coolant Sensor this again was an easy fix , My Temperature Gauge is now reading correctly so well worth the effort BAZZER RN
  8. I have noticed that the Engine Breather Hose Pipe is getting soft and starting to collapse in the center, I need to replace this and having looked on Google and Ebay was a bit suprised at the cost of such a short length of what can be termed as Hose Pipe. Any Member know of a Supplier who can supply this Breather Pipe at a reasonable cost. Many Thanks BAZZER RN
  9. Hi Joe Thanks Buddy that is very helpful and appreciated Best Wishes and Stay Safe Bazzer RN
  10. Hi John See you are in Hampshire Im in Ferndown and have a similar problem with the temp gauge on my 2003 X Type 2.0 Petrol V6 Sports. I have ordered a new Lucas Coolant Sensor which I think is an easy fix but have posted on the Forum to ask any Member if they know where exactly where the Coolant Sensor is located, Have you any Idea Mate Bazzer RN
  11. Hi Guys Need to replace the Coolant Sensor on my 2003 x type Sports V6 Petrol 2099cc Saloon I have a new Lucas Coolant Sensor on order and would like to know where it is located in the Engine , I think its an easy fix replacement and hopefully will get my Dash heater gauge working correctly Thanks Guys All replies appreciated
  12. It was the regulator. bought one from a Jaguar Parts Supplier , genuine used part with warranty all fitted and working well, a little tip to others, there are two types of Window Regulators, a Comfort one which lowers the window in steps and an automatic Regulator which also lowers the window with one press of the button, Always make sure you get the correct one otherwise the window will stay down and not return to the closed position. BAZZER RN
  13. I have a new car Steve its a Mercedes 320cdi Nice build quality, the Jag is my latest Toy to play around with BAZZER RN
  14. Hi Guys Can you please tell me if it is possible to adjust the clutch on my 2003 X Type 2.ol sports V6 , and also the Manual Gear Change is sometimes very stiff and difficult to change gears it seems that the selector maybe slightly out of alignment and causing the gear shift to be difficult to change compared to other manual gear cars I have had, is there a way to ease off the stiff gear change. Many Thanks BAZZER RN
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