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  1. May not be a battery problem. Check the voltage on the battery with engine stopped then check the voltage with the engine running. Should be about 14 volts with engine running. If it isn't, get the alternator checked.
  2. You need to remove the wiper as far as I can remember. Be careful as the wires are very fragile.
  3. Honestly Bazzer, you need a new car lol.
  4. You are getting too technical. Try what BM Chidders suggested and work from there. You can also test it with a resistance meter. If you are going to remove the gauge then either have a new one or a second hand one with you to change it over. Presumably the heater is working so that would rule out the thermostat?
  5. Bump lol. Uniroyal rain sports. Brilliant in monsoon weather and they look good.
  6. Using bigger wheels denotes using a lower profile tyre to keep the circumference as was. So they should not rub but the ride will be harsher.
  7. Quite possibly has come off the runner. Remove the door card and check it out if you feel competent enough. If not, take it to a garage or an auto electrician.
  8. Your problem is with the vendor not JLR. Did you not notice these omissions on the test drive?
  9. You can do a VIN search on google etc. Or you can ask BM, JOE-DOT-COM If you PM him your VIN he may be able to help or advise. Regards.
  10. A 20 year old car with very few miles. Could very well be a stretched cable as JustBadly suggests. While checking the cable give it a good spray with some spray grease (preferably) or WD40. Lack of use can cause the mechanisms to seize up.
  11. Wartburg Knight MK 1 Escort Sunbeam Rapier MK 1 Granada Ghia 3.0 1.9 Cavalier Coupe Citroen CX Familialle MK IV Cortina 2.0S Rover SD1 3500 Cavalier 1.8 SRi Austin Ambassador Rangerover 4.6 BMW 320i JEEP Grand Cherokee (2) JAGUAR X Type 3.0 awd Dacia Logan MCV
  12. I believe 2011 is as far as you can update. Only other way is jagdroid or buy a tom tom.
  13. To get DAB in my x type i fitted a dension unit. It attaches an ariel to front windscreen. It is worked via an app on my phone.
  14. It is your car. However, there are many after market items you can buy which will allow you to stream music via your stereo speakers. Any good auto store will advise you.
  15. Your lucky, £565 for my x type. If you go to the gov website to check if your car is taxed and MOT'd there is a link there to check the rates for your vehicle. All you need is the 11 digit number on the front of the V5. But dont worry, the s type will not be RD2 rated.
  16. Really smart looking car. Sounds like battery needs replaced in the fob or a sticky or bad connection inside the fob. Refurb kits are readily available on fleabay at a reasonable cost. Same happened with mine when I first got her.
  17. It is about the best design I have seen. No drilling or sticky patches to fit it either. Glad you like it and glad I could help you. Cheers, Steve...
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