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  1. Hi Folks, my '06 2.7D Sport requires a new servo. Genuine price is well outside what i can stretch to at the moment so I'm looking at different types on ebay, mine is part # 6R83-2B195-BC. Some are listed as being removed from my model year range but with different part numbers starting 2R83 or XR83. Just wondering if any are interchangeable for mine?
  2. OK thanks for the reply Peter. I've poured a bottle of Miller's 1-shot cleaner into a full fuel tank today & been for a 40-mile blast. No noticeable smoke, but the predicted range & average MPG have increased even though 'I may have been going a little quickly, Officer....' I left the motorway to head back home & put a full shoe in on the A46, previously this would have brought the light on instantaneously, but today the speedo needle was able to stay in 3 figures while engaging in a spot of Vorsprung-Durch-Bye-Bye for 2 miles. I see this as progress!
  3. Sorry, no Kim Basinger pics here... That's how long my first Jag has served me, but it is now (probably) a collection of spares following an intimate moment with a Romanian semi-trailer. Last month my beautiful blue S-Type Sport was totalled by a myopic HGV 'driver' 10 minutes before the end of my late shift, minding its own business in the work car park. A deep gouge in the front bumper, recently-repaired headlight and washer jet was enough to write it off. Although I think my insurance company were a little hasty, they offered a fair price which has allowed me to replace it virtually like-for-like. My new Cat is a 'Morse' red 2006 S-type Sport bought for a very good price due to what I'm assuming is EGR/DPF kicking into limp-mode when you use your whole shoe on the little pedal. The previous owner had only been pottering to the shops & back every day for months so it's no surprise. I was hoping that my 70-mile daily commute would trigger a regen, but it's been 2 days now and the 'restricted performance' message keeps coming on just when you want some un-restricted performance. I can still cruise at Motorway speed as long as I'm patient getting there. Got a Christmas trip to Cornwall coming up though so I'd really like to get it sorted before then, I'll be trying some additive first as i don't have the time to be taking inaccessible EGR bits off for a clean. The new Cat also benefits from the addition of the touch-screen head unit. I managed to connect my phone to the bluetooth but the previous owner's phonebook is still loaded, and I can't see a way to clear or change any entries. Suggestions most welcome!!
  4. I was like a kid in a sweet shop walking around there. And got a pic of my 2 all-time greats in the showroom
  5. I have an adjuster to fix so at the same time I'll be fitting a HID conversion, especially as 50% of the use mine gets is in darkness. The lenses will get a polish too
  6. Do tell, I'm also looking to make proper use of the steering wheel controls & get my lighter socket back.
  7. Looks like a good day out close to home, I've just told the Wife we're going.
  8. I collected the car yesterday afternoon, with a new genuine part fitted. Put another 60 miles on & I've checked the coolant level 3 times already because I'm now paranoid about it...
  9. Thanks for the welcome. I'm hoping it's just a storage related fault but I'm now looking into an extended warranty.
  10. 25 years ago I first drove a Jag, a V12 E-type that belonged to my Boss - he gave me the keys to clean it & suggested I take it for a spin to charge the battery up afterwards. I'll never forget the admiring looks I got in that car, and his words when I parked it back in his space - When you arrive in your Jag, you know you've arrived... So I've finally made it - I took delivery of a 2005 S-Type Sport Diesel yesterday. 110K on the clock, full service history & only 2000 miles on the cam-belts & everything still working. Should be reliable enough, & a good size for carrying the wife & kids. I made the daily commute in it today & smiled for nearly every mile. 2 roads from home though, the low coolant light came on & steam surrounded the car. I limped it home & had a look under the bonnet. Expansion tank was empty, so I started adding water. And adding more water, after 5 litres the level was still dropping, but no external leaks to be found. Not head gasket or hydro-lock as it still turned over & ran & the temp needle hadn't risen over normal. 2 litres later though, the undertray yielded all that water as it began pouring off the back of it. So this is clearly a major leak somewhere inaccessible. I removed the top cover & noticed coolant residue on the EGR body. So a leak in the 'V' then. Getting worried now as I have expensive experience of a V6 Omega oil cooler failure back in the day. Poked & prodded a few hoses, & found significant movement in the thermostat housing. I looked a little closer & found the housing split clean apart. Fantastic, my first 'ownership experience' less than 24 hours after signing the green slip... Straight on the blower to the trader, I've got some warranty so no issues there. Going to miss driving it while it's getting fixed though - it takes no time to fall for a jag, does it? And on a totally un-related note to this breakdown, I'd like to fit the touch-screen head unit, is it compatible?