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  1. I bought a new XF R SPORT Nov 2018,The reversing camera was an optional extra at £350.Sensors front and rear were standard factory fitted.On selecting reverse the camera functions with no problem,However on several occasions if the rear sensors sound when close to an obstruction the camera screen switches off.This I never find a problem as it’s part of the system design that indicates any hazard on the screen Paul
  2. Hi, Karol. Ref to spacesaver spare wheel for 2018 XF, did you encounter any problems fitting the spare wheel into the boot wheel well,I notice the battery is located in the wheel well ,and can’t see how a spacesaver would fit.Need some advice before I commit to buy,
  3. Hi ,Please can anyone advise me on the suitability of fitting a spacesaver spare wheel to my 2018 Jaguar XF.Prior to buying on EBay I noticed the battery is fitted in the spare wheel well,and I can’t see anyway a spacesaver would fit.Has anyone else encountered this problem.Or is there another solution ie repositioning the Battery?
  4. Hi Karol.Thankyou for your response to my query regarding the colour of my Red XF, Also I have 19 inch alloys fitted and the only space saver spare wheels I can find are 18 inch.Any idea of the overall size of a space saver including the tyre,It’s been suggested an 18 inch spacesaver with a deeper tyre wall height would be ok.
  5. Hi,Just to say hello,I am a new member and owner of a 2018 Jaguar XF R Sport
  6. I recently purchased a Jaguar XF ,The colour on the invoice and sales advert indicated Firenze Red.Yet the colour code name on the door pillar is Italian racing red.Does anyone know if this two colours are the same ,with just a name change as Firenze red from 2018 is used on most Jaguar models including Discovery sport ,E Pace etc. Thanks in anticipation.