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  1. Thanks Joe .. I was thinking the same thing, but the smokeing issue is not consistent at all. I Might not have suspected injectors if it was white smoke and the car was a diesel, but it runs on gasoline sometimes ill go a day or 2 and it wont smoke the slightest puff, sometimes it smokes for a couple seconds, sometimes it will smoke a little bit after driving and being parked for a few minutes to fill fuel, sometimes it will smoke a ton after a drive, sometimes nothing after drive or being parked for a day or 2, sometimes it will smoke a ton after a short drive or long drive.. the other day it smoked at start up for a couple minutes, when the smoke cleard i shut it off and immediately turn it back on, then it smoke again for a couple minutes then i shut it off when the smoke cleard and immediately turned it back on again , and it smoke again for a couple minutes.. i did this like 3 or 4 times and the same amount of smoke came out again and again. weather doesnt seem to be a factor anymore, driving hard/driving easy doesnt seem to be a factor, short drives/long drives doesnt seem to be a factor, letting the car sit for 5 mins or leaving to sit for a day or two doesnt seem be factor... its pretty much completly random, when the thing wants to smoke it smokes... Nothing i do seems to reproduce the issue. im dumbfounded
  2. Hello im relatively new to the world of Jaguar parts and european Parts in general, i usually replace damagaed or failed components with factory oem parts on all cars i work on. But owning a 05 s type has proved to be a bit challenging in terms of finding oem parts, especially with some Miscellaneous parts like gaskets or ball joints costing a fortune or being impossible to find... so my question is, if/when i cannot find a oem jag parts (or can’t justify 10x the price of a part compared to aftermarket stuff) what brands out there have been proven to be of high quality ? ive come across reinz, eurospare, airtex , four seasons(my current a/c compressor) just to name a few. Thank you in advance if i dont get to the chance to say thanks!
  3. If the intercooler/upper intake manifold is leaking, then what would be the fix? Besides buying a new one? If its not coolant burning or oil, only other thing im thinking is it could be sticking fuel injectors p.s coolant level and oil level will take some more driving to monitor for a leak, as i just put the engine back together and topped off all fluids
  4. Im thinking it may be coolant that’s burning, ever heard of problems in the upper intake manifold leaking inside?
  5. Yes genuine jaguar valve seals. And i checked out the pcv valve and it seems to be functioning correctly
  6. Hello everyone Some info before i start, 2005 s type R 4.2 supercharged. Woth around 250,000 km at start up my car blows smoke from the exhaust, sometimes it barely smokes and sometimes it smokes so bad i cant see behind me in the rear view mirror for a few minutes untill it stops smoking. Usually its worse when the weather is cold out... looks & smells like burnt oil smoke, and i never noticed any coolant loss so i tore down the cylinder heads and replaced the all valve seat seals, 🤕all gaskets and timing components The old seals were obviously worn, i did not see any other obvious problems. its been about 250km of driving since I performed the job, and to my delight, there is still smoke on start up. Sometimes doesn’t smoke and sometimes smokes very bad. Compression is good in all cylinders, i wouldnt of cared so much if it wasnt a jag, but im determined to keep this car on the road, and im tortured by the fact that the problem isnt solved after all that work
  7. First check to see if the pressure on the high and low a/c ports are reading correctly (a shop can probably do this fairly quickly with pressure gauges hooked up) If the pressure is correct then, check the a/c clutch fuse and relay, if no issue with fuse/relay/ or pressure then suspect an a/c pressure sensor If pressure is not correct , then there probably is a leak somewhere, or the shop didn't fill enough gas. Also, If the pressure reading are correct and no issues with fuse/realy/ or pressure sensor then (If u havnt had all the gases removed already before filling to specification) Have a shop remove all the air con gas and inject new gas into the system, make sure theyre using the right gas, in the u.s we have r134a and newer cars now take r1234yf. A r1234a system will not work if r1234yf is used- or the other way around. If there is a clog somewhere having all the old gas removed and the system pressure injected from 0 psi may cure a clog (if there is one) Mist should not last on the windshield for long at all, a few minutes maybe, the a/c system has a dryer that removes moisture from the air before it blows throughout the ventilation system to cool you down You can purchase a thermometer similar to the ones used for measuring childrens temp, and place the shaft into a vent with the a/c blowing on cold, a good system will blow 35-45 degrees Fahrenheit while driving , and temp will go up and down in with the rpms a skilled shop can do all these tests hope that helps a little let me know what happens Aj
  8. Akaz


    Check the ground/negative cable in the trunk, unbolt the cables off and where its connect to the body & battery post, clean the terminals with a wire brush (brass or steel brush) and clean off the both battery cables and posts while your there, and clean off the spot on the body that the cable is bolted to. Before connecting everything back together, put a bit of electric grease on every connection Hopefully this solves the problem, Im curious to know if this fixes it, let me know what happens
  9. hello from the states! I am new to this forum and jaguar ownership. I recently purchased a 2005 s type R. I work on cars here in the u.s, so I know my way around the majority of repairs/mods/upgrades. But besides for my own jaguars, never had a customer bring me one. I tend to stay away from aftermarket radio "upgrades", especially on a jaguar I love the look of the factory touch screen unit that came as an option on these cars, and would NOT want to ruin the look of my interior with something from the aftermarket. I got a touch screen unit out of another 05 s type, and when I went to plug it in, the connectors were different on the radio/touch screen unit. the original basic digital display on my car has 2 separate connector plugs and the touch screen unit has 1. the touch screen unit has a lot less wires going into it compared to the digital one the car was originally equipped with. My questions is... Is it possible to make a touch screen unit work on my car that came from the factory with the basic digital one? thanks!