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  1. Does anyone know if the fuel injection on v8 engines needs to be bled after draining fuel tank? I've just changed my pump and, after two torturous weeks of struggle, bad language and bruised arms I finally got the new pump fitted now the engine turns but doesn't fire. I have filled up and I hear the pump start but no joy. I was thinking that air may have got into the system like it does on diesels.
  2. Thank goodness petrol is not electrically conductive. Here's the old pump. it needs a lot of heat over a long time to do that to Bakelite.
  3. I've just had a very hard time replacing my fuel pump. It apparently stopped working and the AA's diagnosis shewed that there was power to the pump but the pump itself was not running. When I eventually got the unit out I found that the plug connecting the unit to the control system was severely damaged. There were obvious signs of over heating at the pin connections. The plastic had become brittle and the pins themselves were blackened. The actual pump was still working fine when fed directly. As the whole thing is immersed in petrol I thought I'd better warn owners of the potential danger in this model and, maybe others. My car is a 2002 XJ8 Exec. After asking a few questions at various garages I got the impression that several pumps have gone down and the general feeling is that they are getting past there sell by date.
  4. High all The on going saga of the 2002 fuel pump is getting weird. I contact Jaguar and they deny all knowledge of a variation in fuel tanks for that period of XJ. I'm attaching pictures in case anyone can identify, either, which vehicle has a tank of the same type or, where can I get a pump from that will fit my car with an integrated fuel sender.
  5. I had a similar problem when I bought my first Jag. I overcame it by installing LPG. The road tax didn't go down, so, it looks like anything you do isn't going to be recognized as a reason for road tax reduction. My emissions went down to o.o2ppm which is pretty fantastic. However my cost of fuel has halved. So some of the extra road cost is offset.
  6. Thanks Joe. I've proved the pump is faulty using a separate 12v supply.

    The worst of it is that nobody seems to know which pump it is. It's not the same as all the other xj8's. this one has an integrated fuel sender. All the others have separate senders which fit in the center of the tank. My tank is completely different, both sender and pump are inside the same assembly. A very experienced mechanic told me he had never seen this on any other xj8.

    fuel tanks.jpg

    fuel tanks2.jpg

    fuel tanks 2002 plug.jpg

    fuel tanks 1998 plug.jpg

  7. Has any one got a wiring diagram for a 2002 XJ8? I am trying to restore a very good looking car and need to check out several faults. Any help to find a supplier would be great.
  8. Thanks for the reply. The key fob suddenly decided to work perfectly next day. The engine still doesn't start but the fuel pump isn't running. A very reliable mechanic advises me that he has had to change several of this era pumps and suggests a new one be fitted. Not a job I'm looking forward to. Any tips?
  9. My 2002 XJ8 Exec. has just developed a starting fault which the AA said was due to the fuel pump failing. The replacement job looks very daunting, so, I would really like to be sure that the problem is correctly diagnosed. It began with the engine turning over but not firing, then the key fob wouldn't work at all, and presumably, not set or or disable the alarm. I'm wondering if anyone had advice on replacing the fuel pump or how to check the alarm system. Does a fault on the alarm turn off the fuel pump?
  10. Thanks Joe. Is this software generally available?
  11. Does anybody know how to set up auto positioning memory on the drivers seat. I replaced the module but now I don't know how to programme it.
  12. I have a feeling that the fluid needs topping up as the fault started as an occasional jerk when making a sharp turn, then gradually got worse until now it's there all the time. I couldn't generate any interest from the local transmission companies.