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  1. Hi Nigel Hope you have overcome your starting problem, but if you haven't, I had the same thing with my 1998 XJ8. After about two years of starting in neutral, I had a service and the mechanic found that the gear selector coupling was dry. Simply greasing the joint cured the problem completely. I believe the joint can be found close to the front end of the gear box. Good luck. best not to use WD40 it's not a good lubricant.
  2. Can anyone out there tell me how I set my driver seat memory up or, for that matter, does the 2002 model executive have that facility? I recently bought a beaut. but it had no user hand book, so, I'm having to learn the hard way. Also can anyone tell me what the little toggle switch above the seat controls is for. It makes a funny sound when pressed but I've yet to see what it does. All the controls work fine except the seat memory.
  3. Correction. On reading my post I realized I may have misled you folks. I have two XJ's. The one with the faulty gearbox is a 1998 model which I have owned for nearly 20years. The latest addition is a very nice executive.
  4. I had a similar problem that plagued me for years. Then I found the linkage on the end of the selector rods. It was jamming and preventing movement into the park position. The problem was solved when I greased the linkage.
  5. I had the same thing with my '98 xj. I got myself a strip of good quality Walnut looking wood 25mm wide and just a little longer than the width of the car at the back. With a chamfer on each end I sprung it in position and it actually looked pretty good. The most difficult part was find a suitable varnish to get the high gloss finish.
  6. Hi all I'm new to JOC an I've got a problem with my 1998 XJ8 gear box. When I select "D" there is no drive although the engine is running. If I press the throttle the engine revs and after a sudden jolt the car moves. Until recently, once the drive had started, there was no further problem but now i can only moved slowly initially building up speed slowly until the car is in full motion. Reverse is fine but has in the past done the same. I thought I had, perhaps, lost hydraulics but I've never seen any oil spots on the ground. I was informed that the gearbox is sealed for life. Does this mean that the car is at the end of its life? Incidentally I had a LPG conversion about 15 years ago and I think its the best thing I ever did. Any ideas on the gearbox problem would be gladly received.