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  1. Same as mine now but it was there when I picked it up!
  2. Thanks for you reply CBers. I looked in the vehicle settings, where it was originally but it’s not there now. I’ll just have to go through the hassle of putting them into service mode every time the temperature drops, only problem being when I turn the ign off again they will revert to the fully parked position again. 😡
  3. No problem with mine so can’t help I’m afraid
  4. When I bought my F-Pace S I was shown this option but decided on the auto wipe so the salesman selected that for me. Now I can’t find the winter park option, it’s no longer there. Can anyone advise on this please? My dealer cannot offer any advice
  5. I love mine. Bought it in early October @ 9 months old with 5000 miles on the clock. Fitted with all the boys toys including 22” wheels/tyres & a sun roof. I can get over over 35 mpg on a run.
  6. On my 2017 Range Rover these were on all the time, with the F-Pace S I have to keep turning them on! How do I set them to be on all the time?
  7. Thanks for the welcome. I’ve bought some genuine Jaguar front mud/spray flaps which my dealer has offered to fit for free, which I thought was very good of them. Coming from a 2017 Evoque Lux 2 litre I find the 19MY V6 F-Pace S a lovely drive.
  8. I’ve just bought a 19MY V6 3 ltr diesel. Traded my 2017 2.0 ltr Evoque HSE Lux for it. Loving it, fully loaded 9 months old, only 5k on the clock ex dealer M D’s car.
  9. I have a set of Genuine Land Rover 7 split spoke satin black 20” wheels fitted with P245/45 r20 99V Pirelli Scorpion all season Verde tyres. They have the TPMS fitted. I bought them for my 2017 Evoque but took them off when I sold the car. They are immaculate condition with very low mileage (under 750 miles). I’m open to sensible offers but I’m not giving them away. The wheels & tyres cost me £2000.
  10. Hi, as above says I’ve just joined the site. I own an F-Pace S. 2019MY (Dec 2018) 3 ltr V6. I bought it at 9 months o,d with just 5200 on the clock. It is fitted with lots of extras including the sliding sun roof and 22” wheels, adjustable dynamic suspension, TV & heated rear seats. It really is a lovely car and prefer it to my previous 2017 Range Rover Evoque HSE Lux. I’m having front mud / spray guards fitted soon & getting the paint work detailed and polished. Any other worthwhile additions?