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  1. I’ve delved in to this. It’s from a company called RAMP which is owned by Cambria Autos, the parent company of Grange - who I bought the Jag from. I’ve been advised that a Jaguar warranty would be about twice the cost but reading through the details it seems to leave a lot to be desired. Has anyone taken up a warranty from RAMP.
  2. Hi all. My manufacturers warranty runs out at the end of December. Has anyone taken out the Jaguar warranty? Quoted me £499 for 12 months on my V6.
  3. Filled the V6 up with diesel today. Gives me 434 miles which I’m happy with. Also it was cheaper than petrol, not been like that for years!
  4. Went to Chester last week. 212 miles non stop (apart from a couple of traffic hold ups) got 42.5 mpg. 3 ltr V6 diesel with 9k on the clock
  5. I have 22” inch with Pirelli p zeros. Much harder ride than I had on my 20” Evoque. Might just be the suspension but definitely a harder ride & feel every little bump in the road.
  6. You’ll enjoy it! I have no use for the heated rear seats (except maybe resale value). Only myself & wife in the car normally & sometimes grandkids in their child seats in the back, cooling fronts would of been nice on the front ones but with the tilt/slide sunroof I’m happy with that. I’ve only done 4K miles since October 2019 due to the lockdowns. Will do quite a bit, which I’m looking forward to in the next couple of months. Got a few trips lined up. Chester, then mid Wales followed by Devon & Cornwall. Should be good runs.have a safe drive home
  7. The car was 10 months old when I bought it, ex dealer MDs car, only 5k on the clock. Maybe a demo model hence all singing & dancing. Only thing missing is cooling front seats, got heated rear ones though! 😁
  8. Hi BigM, I’ve already got those, fitted as options, it’s fully loaded 😁. Front mud flaps are great for keeping the sides “cleanish”, no dirty great splashes up the doors, so yes well worth it in my opinion
  9. I’m in the UK, I have a 2019 F Pace S, 3ltr V6 fully loaded with options and absolutely love it.
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