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  1. I’ve fallen out with esure insurance, they tried to up my renewal by nearly £300 for claiming for a chip repair, even though I’ve got protected no claim discount. Any suggestions for a decent (!) insurance company for an F Pace S?
  2. Any suggestions to improve a 2019 3 ltr V6? It’s fully loaded (even got heated rear seats). I’m normally alone in the car so rear video screens not wanted or needed. I can’t really think of anything that can improve it but I’m open to suggestions. I have fitted front “mud flaps” to stop spray up the sides.
  3. I traded an Evoque (2017 2 ltr HSE LUX) for mine. Reg Dec 2018 (68 plate). 11.months old with just 5k on the clock. Fully loaded & loving it. Had it 17 months now but due to lock down only put another 3k on it. 2nd year service was done last November at only 8k!
  4. I’d press the speed limit button instead of the boot release a week ago!
  5. No replies but I sorted it myself.
  6. Mine came with 22” wheels and after the 20” ones I had on the Evoque I find the ride is harder & I feel every little bump in the road.
  7. Hate to tell you this but no JLR parts are cheap!
  8. Just had the above done. 2 questions if anyone can answer. 1. When the adblue is full what should the distance be before it needs topping up again. Mine is now showing 8450 miles. 2. Should the tyre pressures be done on this service? Mine are 1 x 31 & the other 3 are 32psi. Should all be 35 (light load). Can’t believe they’ve dropped so much in 2 days. Any replies or suggestions appreciated 😀
  9. Did a 120 run from Gt Yarmouth and managed 45.7mpg. Quite happy with that from a twin turbo V6 3ltr.
  10. Complete waste of time. It’s dead!
  11. I don’t expect an answer really as this forum seems to be short of members. For some reason my cruise control is not working and I only have the speed control, which I never used before! When I press the + button I get a marker dot on the speedo which sets a speed limit. Anyone got any ideas what’s happened?
  12. Saw. Bright red one parking in Hoddesdon High St this morning about 0940 by Barclays Bank
  13. Sorted now. Thank heavens for Google & Utube
  14. I’ve just changed my phone (iPhone 7 plus to an iPhone 11pro. I can’t find how to delete the old one. Can anyone tell me how to do it please? I can’t find anything in the owners manual or by spending and hour in the car trying!
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