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  1. Hello could anyone help.ive got a parking aid problem.i have no communication between the parking aid module and the body control module does the wiring run through the main boot harness thank you
  2. Hello I’ve just fitted a new parking aid module to my XF does anybody know if you have to programme it into the car or is it just plug and play thank you
  3. Hello all. my front and back Parking sensors have stopped working on my XF my rear camera is working ok.ive changed a faulty sensor on the front and replaced the parking aid module ( do they have to be programmed to the car ?.) any ideas what to look for next.ive been told by local garage the loom is ok many thanks
  4. Thank you John for your good advice
  5. Hi. parking aid module on 2010 XF location. any ideas thanks.
  6. Hello could any of you guys tell me where the parking aid module is located on a Jaguar XF 2010 I’ve took out the boot liner but Cannot see it many thanks.
  7. Hello just yesterday I had my wheel bearing done near side rear. I was experiencing aloud humming noise and sometimes a wobbling sound at 40 mph cost me £187 that inc bearing the place I use used a stethoscope to make sure. It was the bearing all the best
  8. Hello. I have a os f front parking sensor faulty.will it disable the rear ones as well thank you . Jaguar xf
  9. Hello has anyone replaced a boot button switch on a XF do they just prise out or do you have to remove chrome strip on boot lid thank you
  10. Hello chaps is there anyone there that could help me. today I’ve cleaned my Jaguar XF and I have had the boot lid open for app one and half hours I came to start the car and the battery was flat. Could a boot light drain a 90ah battery in that time. The battery is 10 yrs old many thanks
  11. Hello could anyone shed any light on a maybe problem. Is it usual for the hazard light switch to illuminate for approximately 60 seconds after locking with remote Jaguar XF portfolio thank you. ( Sorted thanks )
  12. Hello all.could anyone tell me is it normal on a 2010 XF that the hazard light switch lights up for about 1min after locking thank you
  13. Hello here’s one for you auto electritions. The battery on my XF is 10 years old.after a few days standing it is strong enough to start the car. But within that time the alarm sounds on the car. Could this due to the battery being old due to voltage drop I have replaced the bonnet switch and the door locks seem to be ok as is the boot any ideas many thanks