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  1. As far as i know the sport 200 only came in Black,Green, and Silver no other colours
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322118921044?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 open to offers to members
  3. Try this place a friend of mine had his wheels done here did a very good job of them http://www.citypowdercoaters.co.uk/#!price-list/cwmg
  4. Hi yes i have a good used one off a 2002 3.0 V6 fully working my as 3 ports how many does yours have as some have 5 ports
  5. You only need the windscreen now mate
  6. I could help in delivering it as i have a towing dolly as long as my fuel was paid for if this helps
  7. Can anybody help please? My S-Type diesel fires up first time every morning but then settles to a very lumpy idle and is not keen on revving. There are no warning lights. Produces white fumes from the exhaust which I believe are the result of unburnt diesel being ejected from the exhausts. This happens even if I switch the ignition on several times to make the golw plugs operate before firing the engine. Within 5 minutes, this settles down and the engine runs sweet as a nut. Re-starting any time afterwards after say, a few hours and it runs exactly as it should. Any ideas o
  8. Hi Steve how much was your mats from the dealer if you don't mind me asking Cheers Denis
  9. The three S-Types the sliver one is a 3.0 V6 the black one is a 3.0 V6 sport 200 and the blue one is a 3.0 V6 that's a spares / donor car for the other 2
  10. You should have a orange space saver wheel size should be 115 / 85 / 18 like this one
  11. Hi everyone just wondering what oil you are Using in your S-Type 10-40 or 5-30 Fully Synthetic or semi Synthetic
  12. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JAGUAR-S-TYPE-V6-SPORT-AUTO-/141898552068?hash=item2109d01304:g:ia4AAOSwFNZWuISV
  13. Well we know of 3 your mine and the green one so only 197 to left to trace
  14. Hi thank for the information Joe What needs updating on mine?
  15. Only 65 cars between our cars My last 8 characters of the vin are 3FM92207
  16. Hi everyone! I have just bought a 2003 Jaguar S-Type. Limited edition sport 200 What i want to know is, is this one of only 200 hundred ever built as i can not find any information out about this model If anyone knows anything on this model please get in touch Many Thanks
  17. I'm breaking a jaguar x300 3.2 sport 1995 colour is ice blue most parts available any questions please E-mail me
  18. It held on by a plastic black push clip i suppose you could fit it on without removing the bumper
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