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  1. Thanks to Steve and Joe, have made a note of those answers. Does the fault not show up connecting to a fault reader ? Alan.
  2. Hello Terre, Thanks for your reply, as I said, everything runs fine with no warning lights. Re-assuring to know my car is not alone with this event. Regards, Alan.
  3. Hello Peter, Thanks for your reply. As I said it's being going on since February, I was content that it was mainly water settlement, but Sheila was unsettled by it. Going to have a look for the bleed valve, when it stops raining. Being a Lancastrian, you'll know about that. Our town is Waterfoot, , quite right too, usually over the 12 inches. Regards, Alan.
  4. Hi Joe, It's the 2.7d 2007. I will have a look at that today. Thanks, Alan.
  5. Since I bought the car in February, it makes two types of noises when stopped and engine off. First is a noise like water settling, gurgles and glugs. (all the fluid levels are correct) Second one is occasional clicks, I'd describe like a hard drive, or CD stop start. Have listened but cannot pin anything down. (This also happen when driving ) The car drives perfectly. There are no warning lights or error messages on the dash and the car has been serviced and also had a ECU warranty repair with nothing mentioned by the mechanics. On all my other cars over the years, the only previous stationary noise was the air-con fan. Anyone else have these noises ? Alan.
  6. Sam, You sound either a Detective, Saint or Doctor. Well done, sit down after and have a cool beer as you apply the plasters to your knuckles. Regards, Alan.
  7. The MoleMan, This is my reply from Jagdroid including their contact websites. Hi thanks for your message. I have two options. First is a Bluetooth upgrade to the CD player as seen here: which is £175 GBP including UK return postage. Or for the full Android system I can upgrade a touchscreen and CD player that you send to me here in the UK. For me to do the JagDroid conversion, including all parts and the Odroid N2 Android computer with Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, 16Gb eMMC storage would be £620 plus postage back to you. It will include connections for Front and Rear cameras, which you can install yourself if you want those functions. Please read all the details on my website at to ensure you are familiar with what the system can and can't do, including the installation instructions ( and optional add-ons ( If you go ahead I would do the upgrade and send you an invoice with a link to pay by card online, when it's ready to send back to you.
  8. Hi Joe , Thanks for your answer it seems like a good investment. Re my existing sat nav, it came with no sound, but fiddling around with all possible controls have had some directions, but when I then went to set up a route, just silence. The CD , radio and traffic announcements all work, so hopefully the Jagdroid would then work. Can I say on behalf of myself and probably all the members, a big thanks for all your technical expertise answers you give to everybody. Alan.
  9. Have you had parking cameras done? Would you mind giving me the price involved, as I'm still waiting for their reply.
  10. Thanks for that post Jim. The information there from Jagdroid about home fitting is set out really clear, stage by stage. I am just waiting for a reply from Jagdroid with their prices. Thanks again Alan.
  11. As I previously posted, my S Type Sat Nav refuses to speak, which obviously causes problems. I read in another post, a member was asking if replacement Sat Navs could be bought. Another member mentioned Jagdroid. Has any Jaguar owner purchased a Jagdroid sat nav update, where the central screen unit is replaced with a Jagdroid one, incorporating sat nav and loads of other hi tech streaming gizmos, which I probably would not use, but has the capability of incorporating rear, or front and rear parking cameras, a function I really miss from my two previous cars. Any information would be appreciated. Alan.
  12. Hi Dominic, came across your post from last year about the front and rear dashcam. I would not even think about going to the 12v socket in the centre armrest box. I have had my last 3 cars hardwired with the same camera and have never paid the auto electrician more than £50. I could not find another post detailing how you went on. Best wishes, Alan.
  13. Thanks to all contributors, Gearbox service done, silky smooth box and better, smoother pull away. Just had a smooth uneventful drive down to Spain. Love this car.
  14. Hi Joe, Many thanks for that information, I will pass it on. Alan.