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  1. Must say on long trip I like using the trip computer for miles travelled, mpg etc. Annoying. Thanks again, Alan.
  2. Have a great deal of trouble reading the green message boxes below speedo and rev counter. Have increased the lighting to max, but it's like reading through murky green water. Has anyone done any modification or advice.? Regards, Alan.
  3. Hello Dr Haddad, Got my 2,7D S Type in February, Whilst driving to Spain the amber, restricted performance light came on, just after setting off mid France, early morning. Stopped the car, waited 5 min's, then re-started. Light off but came on again, couple min's later. Stopped, started and all was OK. This happened for the next few mornings, but since then all ok. All the times it happened it was raining? Since then, both in Spain and here have had no rain. On getting back home had the car diagnostically checked and my fault showed up as an EGR valve, which can be pricy Luckily for me the car had 3 months warranty, so it goes in for repair in early June. Hope yours turned out to be something simple. Happy driving. Alan.
  4. Hi, Thanks to Jon, Peter and Steve, for your input. That was a scare. Regards, Alan.
  5. Hi, I have not been able to find any club info' regarding the new car tax rates. I bought my S Type in February 2020 and paid £325 car tax, I have just been reading about the new tax rates brought in from April 2020, which shockingly rise up to either £1305, or £1850 for a non RDE2 rated car. Is any member aware if the 2007, 2.7 S Type Diesel is RDE2 rated ? No looking forward to having to tell the wife, our old Hyundai was only £25 car tax and I got a lot of stick for wanting to pay £350 for my car. Alan Huxley.
  6. Hi Graeme, Bought my S Type SE, with 53k miles in February and paid £3995, with full service history. Love it. Drove it down to Spain at beginning of March, lovely drive down, but after a week because of borders closing, had to quickly return, borders closing and no hotels open. 30 hour straight back, sharing driving with my wife, really got to know the car. Best wishes. Alan.
  7. After 5 years of persuasion, just fulfilled my ambition, 2007 S Type Jaguar. Looking forward to our twice yearly drives down to Spain in it.