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  1. Hi Trevor. Thanks for your reply. I will take some nice photos once I've washed the car and got it all sparkling. It does seem really strange not driving a Ford to be honest, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. 😁
  2. There is an emergency key in the key fob. There should be no reason he can't open the doors and release the bonnet catch!
  3. Hi all. Just joined the club after buying a lovely XE R Sport in Loire blue! It's a 2017 model and had only 13505 miles on the clock when I picked it up! I absolutely love it. And like it says in the title, it is the first car I have ever owned that has not been made by Ford! (I do work for Ford so go easy with the replies) 😜
  4. I'm new to Jaguar ownership but I have noticed that there is a place in the engine compartment to attach jump leads/battery charger! Possibly connect a charger to this and see if you open it that way! Like I say I'm new to Jaguar so might be talking got air! Good luck.
  5. Rodney/James Two reasons I use a charger. One. I don't have any spare batteries lying around & Two. Guaranteed voltage output. 🤨
  6. This may well be a big no no with Jaguars but last time I changed a battery I knew that there would be issues with radio codes, window memory, central locking etc so I decided to do a little experiment. I connected my battery charger to the cables before I disconnected them. Switched on the charger, disconnected the cables, swapped the batteries, reconnected the cables switched off and disconnected the charger and the car worked exactly the way it did before I changed the battery! ZERO problems! 😉
  7. Hi Michael. I too have just had a similar issue after buying my first Jaguar (Blue XE). I bought a 32gb stick only to get the the message telling me there was insufficient space! Make sure you buy a 64gb USB 3 memory stick. I tried to install the maps off a USB 2 memory stick I already had but it failed twice at 3%. The USB 3 stick worked first time. I think it's a mad that you have to download the map direct to the memory stick. My PC does not have USB3 ports and it took about 4 hours! Best of luck. 👍