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  1. Jaguar XE Rsport 20,000 miles 20 months old massive oil leak caused by poor workmanship at a jaguar dealer when it had balance shafts replaced Jaguar service plan for 2yr 21k and 4yr 42k service but wasn’t through emas and they refused to honour it Took to an independent for early service as had a smell of oil and main dealers wouldn’t book it in due to Covid-19 Independant JLR specialist confirmed it was a bad leak and said all brakes were badly corroded and worn and needed replaced Brake bleed nipples seized in callipers when had fluid changed due to corrosion o
  2. Thanks for the reply Tom , I tried that and it will not work , will give me service history but that’s all
  3. Thanks , had anyone any ideas or tips to find out which extras are fitted on my new car ?
  4. Just bought 2018 XE R-Sport 18k hoping for some friendly chat and I will help when I can
  5. I have just bought a XE R-Sport and I was told it had some extras fitted like adaptive cruise etc and I have searched for days and days trying to find a build sheet please help , thanks in advance
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