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  1. The insulation material fitted under the engine top cover has been removed as it had completely disintegrated. I don't seem to be able to get a single sheet of sound insulating foam, only 10 pieces from Amazon.es at 30 Euros, Does anyone know where I can get single pieces 50x50x2cms here in spain? They should have 20dB attenuation, not sure about sound measurements, could be a 4/5th reduction or 99%..............
  2. Has anyone done this, it is part of the procedure for the compressor replacement, It looks like a special tool is required to remove the coolant hose? Jag part no 303-397 (24-003 Hasn't anyone done an A/C compressor replacement on this site?
  3. Find someone who has an endoscope to find the leak or that uses an additive to see the leak with UV. Ask around for an Honest Indie. I have a 2.7D and as someone else stated, only the heater matrix leaking could be uneconomical. I reckon they are trying to rip you off! Good Luck! Remember prices are on the Up!, You and others scrap theirs, we have more spares and the cars get rarer!!!!!
  4. Has anyone replaced the A/C compressor on a 2.7D, I took the car to an indie garage with the replacement compressor. After 2 days he called me and said it was too complicated. In the manual, from page 2662 does not seem too bad, I have the new compressor seals. Another question I have is about the oil for the Comp, is this in with the gas or a separate compartment of the compressor? This appears to be introduced into the compressor before remounting?
  5. Anyone know what is the recommended Auto transmission fluid for the 6speed auto box on my car?
  6. My 2005 2.7D had various probs with the electronic brake and the odd ABS warning and a couple of others too. Finally flat battery after leaving the car sitting for 4/5 days. Bought a new battery, no starting probs but a weekly parking brake block, flash of ABS too. I removed the short - battery lead, cleaned the connections to the battery and body. Soldered the cable to the terminal at each end and refitted the cable. after 6 months I have had no more parking brake problems or any flashes at all on the screen when starting. The quality of the battery connections cannot be over emphasised
  7. Back with an S-type to sort out a bit. Not really like my cats from the 70s but I still get a buzz from the leather and the slight slide exiting from roundabouts. Over bonnet view is like a 3.8 mk 2 or S brother. Bonnet doesn't rise like my old E though! It[s growing on me.................
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