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  1. 2005 S-Type cooling fan runs at max revs and continues after switch off even with cold engine. Before you condemn the controller / Motor check the connector oxidisation especially the ones connecting the White/Blue wires (Control PWM system) Personal experience. Good luck Mike
  2. Got it refilled with gas and oil today, It is now a "COOL" Car.
  3. Only way to get OEM parts is go to jag. I bought a Merc timing chain from a big European car parts chain (No Pun intended) It was from the same manufacturer as the OEM part but was not the same quality. Some OEM parts can be bought from Citroen or Peugeot (C6 and 607) and cost 50% of the jag, check out engines on the web. I got parts for changing injectors from the local (1km) Citroen main dealer, very quick. My nearest Jag/landrover dealer is 40K from me and parts take a day or 2. The local Fordie is a real rip off merchant. A mate of mine took his car in for repair, over 500 Euros, he showed
  4. Having done this, I do not recommend anyone to try it unless you have a full lift. Apart from patience you will also need a full set of tube clip removal tools. Small hands and more patience. Even the plastic block under the heat exchanger was a real ba%^&* to install with the heat exchanger. After 2 hours of fiddling I cut off one corner of the plastic and did not use the 2 bolts. I used wide Tie Wraps to hold it all in place as I will be replacing it any way. You should try and con an Indie, just show him a few pages from 2662 to 2667 and say I would do it myself but a few thi
  5. Does the car have the auto leveling feature? If it does there is no problem! I presume your headlight units are OEM Hellas. The beam height is automatically adjusted according to the load on the car and its relative position to the road in order to not dazzle oncoming traffic. This information is obtained from sensors on the front and read suspension, processed and sent to the headlight position motors.
  6. There is a very comprehensive fault finding procedure on the US Jag Forum, Follow it and you will have no doubts about the cause. Well almost! Only 2 faults remaining are Compressor and or Condenser, Hope for the first because the 2nd means you scrap the car unless you are a real nutter!
  7. Here in Spain the Diesels command higher prices.
  8. Is the brake still on or released?
  9. When I fitted the S/H injector I was getting around the low 9s/100km but it got better after a few weeks. I have the Icarsoft analyser. I can see the injectors and there is a reading (Offset) which refers to the time that the injectors open. Basically readings of 800 to 1100 are ok so they say. Now apart from cyl6 they are all about 1000 Motorway driving is usually in cruise at 120km/h, the legal limit here. We are very happy with the fuel consumption, much better than our X3 in all respects.
  10. OK Today I finally removed the A/C Compressor. The Manual is "WRONG" in many ways as are the pictures. Do not listen to those that say the Compressor comes out below, Believe me unless it is shrunk by some miraculous Jaguar atomic shrinker to a quarter of its normal size, it "CANNOT" be removed from below. It comes out towards the radiator and curves left and upwards. One very important part of the manual refers to removing the lower bolts first. This makes it much easier, Foolish old git I tried the other way first. Due to not possessing a vehicle lift it was impossible to remove the semi ri
  11. check your air filter, check your injectors. my 2.7 would only start on the 2nd try but returned 4.7 t0 5.1 l/100km on motorway cruising. I changed one injector which was very lean (600) now it starts first time but returns 5.1 t0 6.1 L/100km on motorway. I still have a rich injector 1200 on No 6 cyl so I will get another injector hopefully it will be a bit better. Around town and a bit mixed locally consumption is 8.0 to 8.5l/100Km
  12. I should have added that I will not refit it with the bolts but with tie raps until I complete the mod.
  13. I intend to eliminate this heat exchanger after the summer with a separate radiator given that these HEs are somewhat unreliable.
  14. Having spent half of my time removing the rubber tube clamps in the most awkward positions I have come to the Auto box Heat exchanger. Getting the auto box heat exchanger out is a really good one, first without the jag clamp tool it is a nightmare but I eventually removed the top hose clamp. Great I thought now we are getting somewhere, Wrong It doesn't come out! Why because there is a piece of !Removed! plastic underneath it. What isn't mentioned (Traitors) is that the plastic mount is held by 2 recessed 13mm bolts under the heat exchanger. Getting at them is a real battle with
  15. OK started today, Having a problem removing the header tank, the plastic connector pipe doesn't seem to want to come off. soaked it in oil when it got too hot here to work on it, hopefully tomorrow I can free it up. The coolant level connector had been removed and insulated??? The A/C compressor is just visible now but how I will get it out is anyone's guess. Top view is blocked by the Steering pump. Tomorrow Am back on it.
  16. The insulation material fitted under the engine top cover has been removed as it had completely disintegrated. I don't seem to be able to get a single sheet of sound insulating foam, only 10 pieces from Amazon.es at 30 Euros, Does anyone know where I can get single pieces 50x50x2cms here in spain? They should have 20dB attenuation, not sure about sound measurements, could be a 4/5th reduction or 99%..............
  17. Has anyone done this, it is part of the procedure for the compressor replacement, It looks like a special tool is required to remove the coolant hose? Jag part no 303-397 (24-003 Hasn't anyone done an A/C compressor replacement on this site?
  18. Find someone who has an endoscope to find the leak or that uses an additive to see the leak with UV. Ask around for an Honest Indie. I have a 2.7D and as someone else stated, only the heater matrix leaking could be uneconomical. I reckon they are trying to rip you off! Good Luck! Remember prices are on the Up!, You and others scrap theirs, we have more spares and the cars get rarer!!!!!
  19. Has anyone replaced the A/C compressor on a 2.7D, I took the car to an indie garage with the replacement compressor. After 2 days he called me and said it was too complicated. In the manual, from page 2662 does not seem too bad, I have the new compressor seals. Another question I have is about the oil for the Comp, is this in with the gas or a separate compartment of the compressor? This appears to be introduced into the compressor before remounting?
  20. Anyone know what is the recommended Auto transmission fluid for the 6speed auto box on my car?
  21. My 2005 2.7D had various probs with the electronic brake and the odd ABS warning and a couple of others too. Finally flat battery after leaving the car sitting for 4/5 days. Bought a new battery, no starting probs but a weekly parking brake block, flash of ABS too. I removed the short - battery lead, cleaned the connections to the battery and body. Soldered the cable to the terminal at each end and refitted the cable. after 6 months I have had no more parking brake problems or any flashes at all on the screen when starting. The quality of the battery connections cannot be over emphasised
  22. Back with an S-type to sort out a bit. Not really like my cats from the 70s but I still get a buzz from the leather and the slight slide exiting from roundabouts. Over bonnet view is like a 3.8 mk 2 or S brother. Bonnet doesn't rise like my old E though! It[s growing on me.................
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