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  1. Well I guess its still out there somewhere, but Road Tax has expired. Anyone see it ? SF17 XMU
  2. Is this good value ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184433044865?hash=item2af110ed81:g:TvIAAOSwgMpfSs7D
  3. Have you bought the tyres from Black Circles yet ? I normally use them but you have to tell them the tyres are for a Jaguar as the tyre bead can be diffrent. Check the side of your tyres and next to the size you will see a small J in a circle.
  4. I have to ask the question, what do you mean 'the 4 ways came on' ? I'm sure to you it is perfectly obvious.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to trace an F-Pace (Black). It was a Lex Leasing car which I drove from new, when it came to the end of it's 3 year lease I would have liked to buy it but Lex Leasing were asking too much for it. I hope to be able to trace it and who knows maybe even buy it if the present owner wants to sell. Any information on the whereabouts of Black F-Pace, registration number SF17 XMU would be great, I know it's MOT is due 1st July.
  6. Hello Tower, I'm new to this forum but not to Jaguars of which I've had many over the years including two 2.5 X-Type AWD Auto's one a 2003 and the other 2007. The auto fold door mirrors using the keyfob was an option and uses a different door/mirror control module so it's not just a case of re-setting the mirrors. The boot un-lock off the keyfob just pops the latch open, it does not lift the boot lid up, it was a safety thing mostly because of the American market. If you pressed the keyfob un-lock and the boot lid sprung up there is always the chance that it could hit someone. Newer cars with powered opening have all kinds of safety sensors fitted to detect the boot lid touching against people.
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