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  1. I just searched online for the Virgin APN settings. There must be the same for Sky Mobile.
  2. I don't have that setting, just the option to enable auto-wipe.
  3. I'll have a look in my Vehicle Settings tonight and see if I have that setting.
  4. I found this link in the online owner's manual: https://www.ownerinfo.jaguar.com/document/4A/2017/T19962/23624_en_GBR/proc/G18050 Or you could see if there is a WINTER PARK option in the Vehicle Settings->Wiper Settings menu.
  5. Picked up my F-Pace R-Sport a little over a month ago and have done a 1000 mile trip to, around and back from Wales. Averaged just on 40 mpg over the 1000 miles.
  6. Hi Bluey. I've just bought a 2-year-old F-Pace and have had nothing but joy driving it around, so I hope you get your issues sorted soon. I have put a Virgin mobile Data SIM (2Gb) in my F-Pace (yesterday) and so far it works OK. Had a few issues setting it up - I had to manually add the Access Point Name (APN) settings, as it didn't automatically connect to the 4G network. I've never driven an E-Pace, but I hope you eventually get the same enjoyment I am having with my F-Pace. CBers. 😂
  7. Has anyone successfully install a data-only SIM card in their F-Pace (or any other model) to work with the Incontrol Pro system ? I have inserted a Virgin Mobile Data-only SIM into the slot of my F-Pace, but although the car sees it as a VIRGIN SIM, there is no connection to the 4G network. So, I searched online for the Virgin APN settings and manually set the username/password (user/pass) and I instantly got a 3G signal. Hoping I will get a 4G signal tomorrow when I am out and about, but just wondered how other members had got on with this process. FWIW, I have a 2Gb Data-only SIM from Virgin Mobile for £8 per month. Only on a 30-day contract, so if it doesn't work well enough, I'll just revert to using the hot spot on my mobile phone.
  8. Picking up a 2017 F-Pace R-Sport in White today. Been a member here for a few years, but not had a Jaguar recently. Hopefully people can answer any questions I may have. Thanks.
  9. Hi All. Returning to these hallowed forums, as I am about to become the proud owner of a 2017 (67) F-Pace R-Sport. I originally joined back in 2015 when I had an S-Type, but thought I'd say "Hello" again. Hopefully I have better luck with this car than I did with my S-Type 😀 CBers.
  10. So, the crankshaft sensor, new oil seal cover, and new timing ring was fitted and the car was running fine, with all of the work covered under warranty. Then on Saturday, the water pump gave out, so had to call the AA out again !! That was replaced, again under warranty, but now I'm thinking about what else could go wrong, so I have decided to part with my S-Type after only 9 months. I knew it was only a stop-gap until my next car, but I thought I would have had it a few years, but due to the amount of miles I do, I need a more reliable car. This may well be my last post here, as I'm not looking to get another Jaguar as the next car, but who knows :) Thanks for all of your help over the last 9 months.
  11. OK, so they have replaced the crankshaft sensor, the rear oil seal cover where it sits and put a new crankshaft ring on, but now they are having to find out how to line it all up. Is there a link anywhere, as Jaguar are very slow in providing the information at the moment - it's been 2 days without any feedback. Thanks in advance.
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