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  1. Mine is the same John noticed it last weekend up the Lake District. I hope it is just another XF quirk.
  2. I have a 2012 2.2 XF and the brake warning light is coming on. I would like to know are there any special tools require to do the job and any tip in doing it would be greatly appreciated
  3. I think your best bet is to contact Jaguar UK TRACEY TOMPSETT Public Relations Manager +44 (0)7469 032 064 ttompset@jaguarlandrover.com
  4. From E-Bay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333980309327?epid=605671777&hash=item4dc2c7174f:g:7mkAAOSwvmFgimgT&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAwODlZk5rFk%2FdyTAFRIePBM3DIrh6oQPQafw2NRu%2FYZ8wOTbYiSPTON%2B5diXESaP0hTPBXYSq8cAT63DAeF613Ao%2FM7r5%2BBtA6w8aOGLesPRxpfe%2FbJX5LDwnqqqTEVDNGGIUDiXQ3KecMgtZuQ99leHOgoZGiW4DX95qmoSrVGgGVTqcrl0r8LzF4oB07OLDohoTNlcyjLzGMG2QpE7BlRYTQjvORCN7AF%2BmROTCI%2FTYV%2FEOtAYOcRb4sr%2FpkNJiAg%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR-qMlsiAYQ
  5. That is correct Pash Had to have mine replaced by the dealer under warrant, however you can get the loom from E-Bay and it is not a difficult job to do yourself. My camera still sometime does not work the I go for a drive and it come back on again, weird thing these Jaguar XF's
  6. They are a sealed unit containing the LED's. I had this problem on my XF luxury and yes after messing around, cleaning this a that as advised by different sources, I had it replaced. It was done under warranty by the dealer I bought it from.
  7. Stop/start could be the battery is because it has not been for a good run and when you brought it home you had the heating and radio on. The wing mirrors could be that they were not chosen as a optional extra. This was the case with mine, Hope this helps
  8. Thank you Joe, I shall look for the battery vent pipe and connect if necessary
  9. Could any one tell me the best place to attach the Ctek mxs 5 charger quick connect negative lead in the boot of a 2012 2.2 XF. I want to leave the quick connect lead connected permanently to the battery. All help gratefully received.
  10. My aircon blows out cold air according to the setting selected the minimum being 18c, then it blows out the amount of cold air needed to get the cabin temp to 18c. I have found that the higher the fan setting the colder it is. This is only my thinking not official.
  11. Saw this and thought it would be of use to you Tanveer https://www.carcliq.co.uk/car-guides/supermarket-fuel-vs-branded-fuel-is-there-a-difference
  12. I had a similar problem, when it rained or when I washed the car the reversing camera did not work neither did the front sensors. The loom in the rear was replaced by the dealer and that fixed it. However sometimes it reoccurs. No help to you but at least you know that there are more owner out here with a similar problem. Hope you get it fixed buddy
  13. Sorry but I can not open the photo's
  14. There is a for sale forum, just look under the Forums :https://www.jaguarownersclub.com/forums/forum/24-jaguars-for-sale-wanted/
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