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  1. Reversing camera failing to work due to fibre optic cable in the boot, also mine does not work if it is or has just rained. A pain in the !Removed!.
  2. This site may help you https://www.pfjones.co.uk/
  3. My reversing camera stops when has rained or I wash the car, just another Jag anomaly
  4. I agree with Bigvic. The mechanic that I use charged me £150 (approx) to do the job and he comes to my home to do it.
  5. I agree with Jimbov, if it is then it goes anywhere you can hear it. Good luck
  6. It took me to an American site no car covers just sports equipment
  7. Yes they were both checked and the front one changed
  8. Replaced the pads but now the warning is still coming on, anyone any ideas
  9. As John say's Xf's are very battery thirsty. I have my CTEK MXS 5 connected as soon as I get back home from a drive out especially in this cold weather. I hope you get it sorted mate, keep us up to date buddy. James
  10. Found this on a search, hope it helps buddy. https://www.quora.com/Do-brake-pads-and-rotors-need-to-be-the-same-brand
  11. I did not need discs John as they were in good order and not a lot of wear on them, just the pads, they were EBC pads and sensor. My mech only uses parts he would use on his own vehicles. Thanks for your input buddy
  12. Because I suffer with this cold weather I got the job done by the mechanic we have used for some 35 years. the back pads were like new front pads just starting to wear the sensor so just changed the front discs. £130 parts and labour. Great value I think
  13. Thank you Paj that's a great help I will look at the Mtec site.
  14. Mine is the same John noticed it last weekend up the Lake District. I hope it is just another XF quirk.
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