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  1. If Jaguar Navigation are not responding, or giving a reasonable response, go to the Jaguar Cars Customer Relationship Centre at Head Office, Whitley, Coventry. Email: Cheers, Graham.
  2. I tend to agree, although the discs look almost identical, I used to have a 2007 S-type and could not get a later disc than 2012. I have recently purchased a new disc, 2017, for my XF, for £29.99, and it works perfectly. At the supplier I used, they do not sell a newer disc than 2012 for an S-Type, and even on the Jaguar Cars website the newest disc available is 2012. Cheers, Graham.
  3. Graham, Colin is right, there is nothing newer than 2012 available from Jaguar Cars for the S-Type, or from any other suppliers.
  4. or or
  5. You are right Peter, I can personally recommend Rob at Northfield Garage Go to: I recently had a new timing belt fitted to my 2010 XF.
  6. If you would like to update the sat nav on a pre 2011 facelift XF? Try this: Recently got my 2009 premium luxury 3.0d XF and it is fabulous... Mine has Live Digital Television, lots of channels, great if you have to sit in the car waiting for someone!
  7. Hi Peter, Thanks for advising John that he can get information from a very good resource for technical info. I would suggest that John goes to the page and then scrolls down to S-type 2002.5 - 2008 FSM Workshop Manual click on that and you download a large file that gives you a full manual for the car, it is a very useful document, it contains everything you need, except a mechanic to do it for you!!!. Cheers, Graham. (I am also a retired old git in the West Midlands with a 2007 Diesel S-Type, plus a few other Jaguars) :)
  8. I think you will need to switch them back on, the switch is in the light unit, in the roof above the rear view mirror, I think there is an indicator light there as well that is red when the sensors are off?
  9. The best, and reasonably priced, Jaguar specialist in the Birmingham and West Midlands area is Northfield Garage, 1163 Bristol Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2SL The owner is Rob, he is very knowledgeable and helpful. I have used him for years for a variety of Jaguar models. See: for phone number etc.,
  10. Hi Guys, This event is wholly for charity, for the Air Ambulance. Join us at the bargain of the century, only £12 gets your car and all passengers into Warwick Castle for the day, £2 from every entry goes to the Air Ambulance. Enjoy visiting one of the finest medieval castles in the world on the 8th of September 2013. Just drive up to the pageant field gate and pay £12 cash and you are in! See flyer attached
  11. In the Midlands I can recommend Rob at Northfield Garage, go to:
  12. Hi Sandi, You need to open the window fully and hold the button down for a few seconds, then close it and it should have reset the operation.
  13. Hi Guys, I am sorry that i could not make the Heritage Centre meet on the 27th, but I was already committed to the classic car meet at Ragley Hall. For my sins I am events manager for the JEC Coventry branch and the I would like to extend an invitation to you all to my main event of the year, 'Jaguars at the Castle' on the 8th of September 2013. If requested I can arrange for space to be reserved for Jaguar Owners Club members to park together, but I will need numbers in advance! You do not need to be a member of any club to attend, just arrive in a Jaguar/Daimler car after 9am and your car costs £12 cash per car full, including visiting the Castle, for everybody in the car! The bargain of the century, and £2 from every entrant goes to the Air Ambulance! Any Jaguar club organiser attending can set up to recruit members to their club on the day, but they should email me direct in advance at to reserve space! Go to: For more info!
  14. Hi Matt, I live in Worcestershire and work in Warwick!
  15. I had the same problem on my XK8 earlier this year, it was a faulty coil pack. There is one coil pack on the top of each spark plug, the lowest cost supplier I found was SNG Barratt at £28 + VAT each.