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  1. My S Type R sometimes shows this - usually turning the ignition off and restarting clears it immediately
  2. It was worth going just to see the line up of 288GTO, F40, F50, Enzo and LaFerrari - simply spectacular The alloy XJ13 replica was something to behold as well
  3. I had this confirmed by someone on a leather restoration stand at the NEC on Saturday - whilst saddle soap is very good at what it does its generally designed to work best on very thick, very tough saddle leather and can damage car leather which is generally much thinner and softer. Whilst you can use saddle soap I personally would prefer to use products that are designed specifically for the job
  4. Look here for leather restoration kits, I have restored the leather in my last two Alfas The seat below was quite badly worn and cracked - after treatment with a Furniture Clinic kit Personally I would never use saddle soap, car leather needs stuff that is much gentler
  5. Welcome and nice to see another S Type R in the area - did you change the transmission fluid yourself - debating on whether to do mine myself or leave it to a specialist
  6. I spend stupid amounts of time cleaning the cars - find it very relaxing - you don't think about all the other crap things in life and yopu can stand back and see immediate results for your efforts I have a crazy amount of cleaning products in my garage - well over £1k of waxes alone but I have a very understanding other half who accepts it as a hobby - she benefits as her car is never dirty either
  7. Perhaps if you want to pop over, I can do paint depth readings, see what you want done - lots of waxes, sealants in my garage - work out what will suit you best
  8. I'm in Telford so even closer to you
  9. If you like some winter prep done I'd be happy to oblige
  10. I often do mild corrective work and deep cleaning for people - only ever on cars that I enjoy working on though - never run of the mill stuff
  11. I bought mine off a seller with a good reputation on eBay - can't remember who though - I debated getting a cheaper system but as the car is a keeper thought the iCarsoft was worth investing in about £90 if I remember Certainly made easy work of identifying the misfire I had and that alone probably paid for itself
  12. You are welcome to pop over to Shropshire and plug my iCarsoft scanner in for no charge
  13. Had my S Type R for coming up 12 months and loved every minute of it Doesn't get a huge amount of use - think about 2,000 miles since I have owned it but every one of them has been enjoyable The car was comprehensively treated with Bilt Hamber anti-corrosion products in the spring and is jetwashed fully underneath after every trip out and still looks like new Topside saw me strip off all old wax a couple of weeks, full oil / tar decontamination, clayed, machine polished and sealed with Wolfs Chemicals Bodyguard and then topped off with Mitchell and King wax I refurbed the wheels myself earlier in the year and really pleased with the results - no fading or discolouration suggests I did a reasonable job Got myself a spare engine cover a few weeks ago and just finished tweaking it, filled in the swage line lines and supercharged script, resprayed and attached some new supercharged badges, also gave the charger a quick once over with VHT paint
  14. Cheers, the battery went flat as I was working on the car all day (cleaning) and had the doors open and radio open - guaranteed battery flatteners Think I will replace the plugs as I have no idea of how old they are - been recommended an iCarsoft i930 fault code reader that will be bought if theres no cure to try and identify the problem