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  1. I love the S Type, I've driven many but I just dont feel as connected in other Jags as I do in the S type... Grace, Space and Pace definitely describe it to a tea. I often find myself wafting around the city smiling, its a brilliant car and so effortless to drive. Very refined. This is my second S type, first one was a 2002 plate, this one is an 05 and feels a much better ride and see,s to drive better. I've gone from an old Volvo to this S type, from my old S type. I have definitely missed the power of the V6. Next one will be the V8 but I am more than happy with the V6. My wife, who has no interests in cars at all, can drive the Jag. and it even puts a smile on her face! Same with any passengers I've had on board, they have all smiled being in the big cat. Absolutely the best car I've had. And, despite people telling me time and time again (which I've ignored), they aren't that expensive to run and keep maintained. There also aren't many S types of this colour!! :)
  2. Heres mine. She's just sailed through MOT - needed two front tyres!!!
  3. ChrisJ


    Its not just on wheeler-dealers, take a look down your street on a morn and see the same thing! Yeah I always let a car run for a few minutes get the juices flowing! Yeah I'll give her a mini service just before MOT.
  4. ChrisJ


    Good morning to you all, Car has been sat a fair while, since May actually and is out of MOT. She will be getting booked in in next couple of weeks (need to sort battery and tyres first). I'm curious to know whether I should run something through like RedEx since she's been sitting it might clear her out a bit. Worth it? I've seen no performance issues. Is RedEx ok to use on the 3.0 Petrol? Thanks in advance.
  5. I suspect battery for the following reasons: When the EPB sticks on in D, If I remove the battery and reconnect after 5 mins If I put her into D shes perfect and can be all day. Its only when you turn off and on again she throws Umbridge to EPB and doesn't release it when selecting D. Again, remove the battery and she's fine when you start back up.
  6. Thanks lads. I think a flat battery is all it is! Going to try charging this battery tonight - ultimately I will replace!
  7. Thanks, Joe Ill take a look once I get her home tomorrow!
  8. Hi all, As the title says I am picking up my new S Type tomorrow, from a private sale. I have been 'warned' that apparently there is a fault with the electronic handbrake and that when the battery is disconnected and reconnected it works fine for a while. Is this going to be as simple as putting on a new battery? In my old S Type (2001) there were a few issues electronically that where solved by putting in a brand new good battery. Car has been sat a while so the battery will be dead I reckon, but its cheap and MOT history is fairly clean. Thanks in advance. Chris
  9. Same wheels as mine ;) they look awesome!!
  10. Booming noise, could be rear shock absorber or something.... maybe even a wheel bearing although they are more of a whine than a boom. Maybe the juddering is weights, maybe when you hit a pothole a weight may have fallen off the wheel which means it may need rebalancing.
  11. Its got be said, I rejoice in the power of this car, the refined-ness and overall stability and day to day running..... I've driven many many cars... but this tops the bill - it handles like its on rails! !!!
  12. Ahhhh mines Auto... not sure whether mines 5 speed or 4.
  13. Hi all, Since the supermarkets have fuel for 99.9p at the moment I filled mine up at the weekend at Sainsburys. My MLS Range on a full tank says its 256... In a 3.0 V6 - how many miles have you done on a full tank ? - driving carefully of course ;)
  14. Nice that mate, like the colour.