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  1. How to edit photos

    Can they be removed/deleted?
  2. anyone know how to edit photos that they have put on this site? cant find how to do it anywhere!
  3. New to club

    Hi , New member to the club but not to jags , on my second one now and loving it. Anyone know of any good jag meets or just good car meets in my area but not any jap car rubbish, I am on the Cambridgeshire/Suffolk/Essex borders, cant seem to find much on the net other then the one below that looks worth a ride out for. Ace Café London, Jaguar Meet,1st May 2017,11:00-16:00
  4. Engine chip effect on insurance premiums?

    Has anyone had there S Type R chipped and if so what sort of gains are to had? I am having trouble finding anyone to do mine as its got the older Denso ECU.
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