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  1. All sorted now thanks to those of you who offered to help but circumstances have overtaken me.
  2. The final decision is made, assuming it will fit in my garage ( modifications to the garage acceptable), and a kind forum member is going to bring his X351 over soon to see if anything needs doing. She's going to be a XJR575 2018 0r 2019 if I can find one. Following recent surgery, it has become clear that I don't need a wheelchair so full steam ahead 🙂 Having said that, the car I want, with Ivory leather is rarer than hen's teeth, but I've got a few months and £50k to make it so. Insurance isn't that bad either, including pulley mods and a suitable re-map. Plenty of room in the boot for the angling kit as well 🙂 Anybody want a well fettled XF-S Portfolio? Anybody seen a decent XJR575 with Ivory leather for sale?
  3. If I was a religious individual I'd be on my knees saying thank you. We've now had confirmation that Marion's breast cancer has not in fact returned. We both send thanks to those who wished us well recently 🙂
  4. Just a nudge for this. Anybody who has an X351 and can spare a few minutes please?
  5. Hi Steve and welcome 🙂 Hope you have a great time with your Jaguar.
  6. Several members of this forum are aware of my present situation and have been asked to keep it to themselves, however, I feel that I should perhaps update anybody who is concerned. We are currently having to deal with the very real possibility that my Wife's breast cancer has returned. In addition, I have just been allowed home following somewhat major surgery. Apologies if these things got in the way of the standard of service some VERY new members appear to expect from me. OTH kindly took the trouble to hint that sometimes people are not available, thanks BTW Frank, but clearly that cut no ice with certain new members whose enthusiasm for the forum as a whole, is clearly evidenced by your singular lack of any input other than to harrangue me. As far as PMs go, one unanswered should have been sufficient. I did not need the follow up. Those who use this forum on a regular basis will be aware that I tend to try assisting where possible as fully as possible and as fast as possible, even as far as hosting people and their cars at my house free of charge and usually with lunch thrown in. I will, of course, endeavour to continue to do so as time and circumstance permit. As to the answer to certain questions of a technical nature? Well, I am still perfectly willing to assist those I can but for some reason I appear to become flustered when pressured / harangued,becoming unable to recall the required detail, unfortunately. However, I am by no means the only forum member with experience of the electronic functions of the S-Type and I fel sure they will be able to assist, approached in a reasonable manner. Please be aware that, although I am, for the moment at least, a moderator on this forum, my comments above are my own personal views and do not reflect the views of the forum admin. Therefore those who might feel offended by my candour should, if required, raise it with the admin. Finally, to all of those who have wished us well and offered support I would like to thank you sincerely on behalf of us both 🙂 Nil carborundum illigitimum.
  7. Thank you for letting us know Keith
  8. Nice car 🙂 I envy you your ability to get into it 😉 Yours answers:- 1. Yes it will 2. The Foxwell PC app. Downloadable from Foxwell 3.All included
  9. Still available. Magic Dragon seems to have fallen under the radar. Anybody else interested?
  10. Today I was shown around a friend's new car, of which he was justly proud, a VW Polo 6. So enthusiastic was he that he insisted I go for a ride with him to see how it performed. Some way down the A449, we came upon a Jaguar in the inside lane and he said with relish "Let's burn this thing off the road... " I said "It's a Jaguar" his reply "Those jags are overrated" I didn't bother to enquire as to the performance of his VW. In the event, nothing came of it as we hurtled past the Jaguar without any sign of it wishing to take part in a race. I noticed the jaguar had a label on the boot. It was XJR575. I can't help thinking that my young friend was just a tad optimistic ')
  11. Thanks Jim, I was aware but there is a download called JPart which acts as a superb front end for the JEPC data. You need a full set of JEPC files on the computer though. I have an eary set but was hoping to find the latest. The JPart front end works so much better that the original JEPC and obviates the need to mess with Flash. Also, it's completely free.
  12. I can't seem to find reference to JEPC in any of the usual sources. Does anybody know if it is still available please?
  13. As above, been used once or twice. Worth £75 to anybody?
  14. That's a mystery to me the Dennis. A remapper will always make sure that the drivechain is working correctly before modifying the map so again, I can't see that a remap is needed (although, on a healthy car, it does make a noticeable difference 😉 I would guess that it's time to get the SDD on the car and unless you are familiar with it a trip to a Jaguar indie is indicated.
  15. Remap wouldn't be the first thing your symptoms suggect to me Dennis. Can I suggest that the first order of business is to read the codes?
  16. With retirement 6 months away I'm going to treat myself to an XJR775... IF it will fit in my garage. Here's the request. Please would anybody with an X351 close to Wolverhampton bring your car over to see if it will fit in my garage. The XF fits fine but I might have to make some modifications for the XJ I'm not spending £45k on a car and leaving it parked on the drive round this neck of the woods 😉 Cuppa tea and choccy biks readily available. Happy to defray fuel costs. 🙂
  17. Possibly a small stone between pad and disk?
  18. If anybody who has access to an X351 in or near Wolverhampton, would you be prepared to pop over to my house to see if the car fits in my garage please? I'm beginning to quite like the X351 XJR but where I live, there is no way in hell I'd leave a car like that on the drive.
  19. Thank you Julie 🙂
  20. Please, can anybody tell me which years the XFR 5.0 was produced as the facelift version (ie 8 speed transmission)? Thank you
  21. I can't even get into a F-Type now Tom. Mobility issues 😞
  22. Retirement, that is. I really, in all conscience can't see me driving my XF-s once I've finished work in a few months time. Althopugh she is, hands down the best car I have ever owned. So... Electric? Hybrid? A small hatchback for trips to the supermarket? A pox on that 😉 Time to start looking for my retirement car... an XF-R or maybe XF-R S 🙂 Hmm... V8, 5L, Spercharged. Sounds like an ideal retirement present to oneself 🙂
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