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  1. All set to code the Voice and heated steering wheel using SDD. However, my new chariot doesn't appear to have an as-built CCF at Topix. It doesn't recognise the VIN number. Same problem for VIN decoder sites etc. However, VIN is recognised by DVLA and by SDD as being correct. Any idea what's going on anybody? Luckily, Reg Graham is going to produce one from the specification of my car.
  2. Here is the latest incarnation of Lima One-Zero:-
  3. The "S" badge on my bootlid looks decidedly past its best. I've bought an OEM replacement so it's clear the badge is held on by adhesive and not bolted through. How can I remove the old badge without causing damage please. Being a black car it will show the slightest mark. Thanks.
  4. Your question was answered in your other post.
  5. Please be aware that modifying your CCF can render your car immobilized. Therefore the information provided is to be used at your own risk. All I am doing is telling you what I did to my car. Assuming yours is a facelift X250, search the CCF for "Voice Control" and open the parameters. Choose "Advanced Voice Control" and save the CCF then upload it to your car. Let us know how you get on 🙂
  6. OK, will accept £50 but buyers collects or pays postage.
  7. Exactly the same as these:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-LED-DRL-Driving-Daytime-Running-Day-For-Jaguar-XF-2008-2010-Fog-Lamp-Lights/173671803658?fits=Car+Make%3AJaguar|Model%3AXF&hash=item286fa56b0a:g:EnUAAOSwm51cBBRX I never got a chance to fit them before I bought a newer XF so brand new and HALF PRICE £85.00 AND you don't have to wait five weeks for delivery 😉
  8. My practise is to replace the battery when I buy a car. My XF is stop / start and has a AGM battery fitted as the main battery. I've been offered a calcium replacement battery, being told they are "better" than AGM. Does anybody know the difference please?
  9. Voice control of certain functions to do with phone, Nav, audio.
  10. That was almost as much fun as actually buying one Dave 🙂 I got exactly the one I wanted and had a great time going through the likely candidates. The only thing it didn't have was Jaguar Voice but that is a matter of 10 minutes to sort out 😉
  11. Just changed mine from a V 6 petrol to a V6 facelift diesel sport (275 BHP) and by god does she go 🙂 Lots of horror stories about DPF and EGR but I find with regular servicing and once a week foot down I never had any problems with my diesel S-Type which I had for several years. Portfolio spec is the one to go for if you like luxury and toys 😉
  12. Reported this morning at 10:00 that I'd misplaced one of my keys. Not immobilised because I have the second key. Even so, a brand new one will be programmed for me tomorrow morning at my home. No excess, no charge. That's what I call service 🙂
  13. I really can't make up my mind. 2013 Black XF-S. I'm putting my own plates on. Rear plate? Rectangle or smiley? Opinions would be helpful Thanks
  14. I should look on local ebay if I were you Graeme. Otherwise, UK ebay suppliers who will ship to you. The module, microphone and Fakra aerial should total less than £100, whatever that is in dollars. I'd also fit the voice module at the same time which actually makes the installation easier.
  15. Noco Genius or CTek are ideal for your situation. I have used both and can't see that there is any real difference between them. 5 amp versions are perfectly adequate but 10 amp versions do the job faster.
  16. She is an S model. Do people think she needs the "S" badge on the grille please?
  17. I bought these to fit on my XF but my new XF doesn't need them. These are the Chinese versions which fit into the bumper. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-White-LED-DRL-Driving-Daytime-Running-Day-Fog-Lamp-For-Jaguar-XF-2008-2010/173673251714?fits=Car+Make%3AJaguar|Model%3AXF&hash=item286fbb8382:g:mxIAAOSwVEFcBTKI Never been fitted. £100 delivered.
  18. SDD works fine on your new XF 🙂 Jaguar Voice, for example, a ridiculously expensive option when new, can be achieved with three clicks of the mouse and NO extra hardware required Dave. Pleased to hear your car is back to normal.
  19. The V6 is going to be replaced soon and I was thinking about the XFR. Would like to hear people's experiences with the beast please. Anything specific to look out for? Reliability? Thank you
  20. Thanks Dave. I appreciate your understanding 🙂
  21. Sorry Dave, but if you're diving into SDD and coming up with errors I can't get involved any further because you CAN brick your car with SDD. I hope you get the fault cleared. I'm not having a pop at you here it's just that I can't be sure what has been done now and I could make it worse.
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