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    Great deal from GSF for Black Friday 🙂 Brembo all round for less than £280. My preferred brakes 🙂
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/134332698038 If any club member wants this, I'll discount it by £25 or open to reasonable offers
  3. As a possible starting point. What state are your batteries in? These cars are notoriously fickle unless the main battery is producing a healty voltage. In fact, one of the reasons the engine stop / start fails to work is that it detects a low overall voltage. I can't say all the problems you mention would be connected but I'd certainly consider a new battery if you don't know the age of the present one and may have a bearing upon the faults you describe.The secondary battery has been known to fail but not as often as the main one.
  4. Hi Philip, Speedos are designed to "fail safe" by which I mean that when a speedo indicates 70mph, it is either accurate or is over indicating, ie the true speed might be 68mph. This is why claiming your speedo was inaccurate doesn't cut much ice as an excuse for speeding. However, yours does seem to be more inaccurate than I would expect. Do you know if the original size tyres are fitted? If not and if not re-calibrated with SDD your speedo / mileage will be off kilter because speed / distance is calculated assuming a specific rolling circumference for the wheels. Having seen your post, I checked mine this morning and found that the speedo was less than 2mph different to my GPS speed.
  5. OE Witness did mine. Saloon not estate but the fitter said they cover both types. Installation really does look OEM and works perfectly. No vulgar extra screen in the car, it links to your phone. https://oewitness.com/ I bought mine from them via ebay. Saves a fair amount on their website prices 🙂
  6. Thanks Jim That explains things.
  7. I took the XF to have the air con serviced yesterday, only to be told that the temperature of the air at the dashboard vents was perfectly satisfactory and not to waste money. I'm just wondering if anybody knows the lowest temperature that should be available at the vents please? Thank you 🙂
  8. I went from a pre facelift (2008) to a 2013 S and it has proven to be a total success. It has been a completely reliable beast although I do tend to look after it a little more than the service schedule suggests 😉 The extra performance is... noticeable 😉 although it goes even better with the remap. The 8 speed transmission upgrade is a gem. Gear changes are seamless and almost unnoticeable in use whether gently trundling around or making use of the sport mode, chequered flag and flappy paddles in a more spirited drive. The brakes are perfectly capable regardless of the way I feel like driving although I did change them for Brembo disks and pads all round, my own preference, not that I had any concerns with the OEM. Fuel consumption averages 40 to 45 MPG on a diet of 10 miles to work and back again with occasional forays at the weekend. I had the belts done and the transmission serviced as soon as I bought it by my techie who is an ex JLR techie who now works as a mobile independent. Meridian audio is superb for my type of music and all the tech toys work perefectly and reliably. I thought the earlier car was great but the facelift is a country mile ahead. The only non-routine expense has been the ubiquitous boot lid cable loom.
  9. Yes. Homelink is completely self contained and only requires a power connection. All I had to do was replace my receiver in the garage because UK Homelink mirrors are like unobtainium and work in a different carrier frequency.
  10. Another alternative is to get one from a breakers yard. Usually quite easy to find one in excellent condition. A quick spray and polish with rubber conditioner and job done. Maybe that's a possibility for you? My mobility problems mean that my door seal has a hard life and I've used the method with my previous S types several times without issue.
  11. Hi Charles, With regard to the air vents, they operate via a small plastic clutch assembly which is a well known weak spot. You can buy the originals readilky enough at a Jaguar dealership but, better still, there is an enthusiast who manufactures an aftermarket item which fits peerfectly and is showing very good reliability. Go to https://www.cs2000-z-tech.co.uk/ and navigate to XF modifications. Fitting them is relatively straightforward and there are several illustrative videos on FB. Personally, I have several spares in my bits box as they are cheap enough.
  12. The ebay seller arranged installation for me Jim. Only took an hour. This one was more expensive than the one you showed me but you did give me the original idea 🙂 I got this one because I actually saw one in the flesh, as it were. In my view well worth the cost to preserve the classy interior of the XF.
  13. No idea John, but send a message to the seller at the website address given above. He's very quick and very helpful
  14. Here you can see the system before installation and once fitted to the car. It's very difficult for me to get in position to take the photo so this is as close as I could get. I doubt that anybody not conversant with our cars could tell that it isn't OEM. The camera itself works well with all the usual functions and is controlled via an app on your phone.
  15. Thanks to Jim's inspiration I eventually decided on https://oewitness.com Very highly recommended by a colleague at work who let me see his installation (It was on a Mercedes and it looks superbly engineered). Basically it just looks like it was part of the car's original design. They are going to install it for me on Saturday. If anybody is interested I'll put a picture or two on this thread.
  16. Well, I've avoided it so far but I now think that a dash cam would be a good investment. The problem is, I don't want my XF interior looking like a recording studio. If anybody has a neat and tidy dash cam installation in their XF please can you let me see pictures / details? Thanks
  17. There was some obvious corrosion in the area of the fuse box / distribution panel, one of which was a power connection to the parking aid module.
  18. Solved 🙂 It was the result of corrosion on a contact in the boot fusebox.
  19. Is that standard OBC code reader or SDD John?
  20. Would you believe it? Everything has returned to normal this morning. I hope the fault has registered for diagnostics purposes because my techy is on the way now to have a look.
  21. Thanks John Both batteries are fine. Stop / start works... unfortunately 😉 I can't get to the OBC connector these days so I'll get my friendly ex JLR techy to take a look.
  22. Thanks Jim 🙂 Boot is bone dry and I replaced the boot loom a few months ago.
  23. The last few days, when the ignition is switched on, there is a high pitched warning sound and the message "Cameras not available refer to dealer" Along with the lack of parking camera I have also lost the parking sensors. No fault codes 😞 Any ideas please?
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