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  1. "Anyhow, I'm still waiting for the code reader to arrive (by the way, where's the plug point for it?)" The OBD2 connector is under the fascia where your right knee would be when driving.
  2. The ICarSoft LR2 or 3 is very popular with Jaguar owners. Sort of a half way house between a bog standard code reader and the Jaguar OEM diagnostics.
  3. Absolutely right of course John. But in this case I was speaking from very recent experience 😉
  4. Possibly a small crack in one of the intercooler end casings. Only opens during acceleration (high turbo pressure).
  5. Finally they gave in and the car has a nice new genuine intercooler. Also had the front grille "S" badge installed while the bumper was off. 🙂
  6. No problem. Auto protect. The warranty came with the car so no opportunity to change.
  7. My XF's intercooler gave up the ghost, splitting at the metal / plastic joint. Warranty company refused to pay, saying that my car has been modified...owing to my private plate. Well, I've won, but it took a statement from the Association of British Insurers, stating that they saw a private plate as an identifier and not a modification. Warranty suppliers seem to consider paying out as a failure rather than a service that the customer has paid for. Mind you, they insisted on photos of the car with old and new plates fitted, whatever that proves. Anyways. Car should be fixed this coming week, with a genuine intercooler as well 🙂
  8. This wasn't a problem in my pre-facelift XF. So far, it's the only criticism on the facelift car.
  9. Somewhat concerned about damaging the surface with too much effort.
  10. I'm not sure about these buttons now. After a successful cleaning I was pleased but then the gunge re-appears within 48 hours whether the switch is touched or not.
  11. It's becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to find a small, light 21 in 1 laptop that can be used as a 32-bit Windows machine. As a result I'd like to try a VMware setup on a 64-bit laptop with a virtual 32-bit machine for use with SDD. Problem is, I haven't a clue where to evwen start so asking if any SDD users who work with VMWare can give me a tutorial please?
  12. As feedback and thanks for the answers. I tried make up remover wipes and they seem to have done a very good job. Clearly, long term might be different but so far...
  13. I believe we are getting somewhere with this via PM David
  14. Thanks for the ideas chaps 😊 I have to admit that replacement did seem like a Good, if expensive option if nothing else did the job, but I'll try the suggestion given.
  15. The buttons in the centre console om my XF have become sticky over time. I understand it's to do with the button surface. Can anybody say what's best to get rid of the sticky without destroying the buttons please
  16. Please can anybody tell me whether the XF boot lid is supposed to pop up or fully open when the button is pressed. Thank you for definitive answer... I hope 😉
  17. Just a couple of points regarding cars and their engine sound. 1. One of my neighbours, a taxi driver with a Ford diesel, received a shock regarding his car yesterday. It failed it's emissions tests Apparently it was only loud enough and rattly enough to wake up 75% of the street when he starts it up at 04:15 each day. As you may know, a ford diesel taxi must wake a minimum of 90% of the street. Ford came to the rescue though and an extra bag of spanners was installed in the engine today. 2. Having just programmed a heated steering wheel in an XF-R, I took the opportunity to drive the car to Halfords (to get some screenwash) and as expected there were a LOT of kids there in the car park comparing the performance improving properties of low friction go faster stripes On my way back to the car from the shop it was impossible not to hear the rhetoric of one of the ring-leaders. "In a place like this, show me the car with the loudest zorst and I'll show you the car with the best performance"... quite the raconteur. To prove his point the original missing link was revving the nuts of a Vauxhall Corse and it was indeed making a very loud noise. It had five inch pipes on both sides of the rear bumper and I suspect it's back-pressure was barely sufficient to start the car moving. However, feeling quite ashamed and crestfallen, I got in the XF and hit the starter button, the sound of the supercharged 5L V8, being a mere whisper from the exhaust. It was thus that we slunk away, clearly totally outclassed by the missing link and his hyper powerful Corsa
  18. Hmm, been there done that recently Frank. Phoned the it help facility at work "We know you are waiting we will be with you shortly, please hold. You are 286th in the queue"
  19. Isn't DVLA wonderful? I have been waiting for my replacement licence for over a year now and the Covid amnesty is due to run out soon so naturally I'm trying to make sense of the situation with DVLA. Who remembers a song called "There's a hole in my bucket"? I phoned DVLA, and got a recorded message stating that queries could not be handled over the phone owing to the present situation and please make use of the Web chat on the DVLA website... After typing in my details three times in total for different webchat bots I got a definitive reply. "Owing to the present situation, your enquiry cannot be dealt with via webchat. please use the email facility available at our website... So, I found the place and dutifully filled in all my details... again... and was given a reference number. You know where this is going, don't you? I just received an email from DVLA:- "Dear Mr Eckett, Thank you for your enquiry received on 3/8/2021. Your case reference number is 0471XXXX. I appreciate you contacting us to check the progress of your application. Unfortunately, for security reasons we are unable to confirm the information needed to respond to your enquiry via email. For further assistance you may contact the relevant department on: 0300 790 5555 Monday to Friday 8:00am to 7:00pm Saturday 8:00am to 2:00pm We look forward to your call. " Now, what was the phone number I called originally? Oh yes...0300 790 5555... There's a hole in my bucket dear Lisa, dead Lisa...
  20. You say you are not keen on stop / start Julie. You can switch it off semi_permanently by disconnecting the negative terminal on the small battery. Re-connecting instantly restores the function. Tape the wire after disconnection of course, and fix it securely so it doesn't rattle. Personally, now I've taken the time to get used to it, I leave it connected, buy know what a pain it can be.
  21. My present XF is on 78000 and is running like a dream (3.0 V6) My previous XF was on 158000 and was running perfectly when I sold it. (3.0 V6) These cars need care and attention and will repay you in reliability. Don't maintain them and you'll pay through the nose. 2016 @ 86K sounds like a motorway cruiser so all should be well if you get proof of regualr servicing in my view.
  22. There are times when a black car looks good 🙂 video-1622797074.mp4 video-1622797089.mp4
  23. I've just been going through my "As built" list and came across "Theater Lighting". Can anybody tell me what this is please?
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