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  1. I have identified the long pipe that goes to the heater booster. I really need help with the pipe that I have arrowed . It sits beside the inter cooler pipe.
  2. I saw something similar during the troubles here. A car drove over an automatic bollard at a checkpoint and got impaled - complete writeoff. I’ll take photos in the daylight and post them. 2 pipes/hoses are damaged. The long one running past the catalytic converters has a hole in it - there seems to be a clip missing to hold it up. the other pipe is a solid piece that runs under the engine towards the radiator. Hopefully someone will be able to help me identify them.
  3. I saw something similar during the troubles here. A car drove over an automatic bollard at a checkpoint and got impaled - complete writeoff. I’ll take photos in the daylight and post them.
  4. Today I installed a nice fold down security post. Reversing over the post in my nice x-type sport I heard and felt impending disaster. The post caught and ripped off a coolant pipe while damaging a second. No idea what the part numbers are - definitely coolant. If I post photos tomorrow would it be possible for someone to tell me what to order. The underbody shield was hanging down a bit and must have caught and lifted to post. Ps my wife thinks I am a plonker for creating this mess. ken
  5. At that price you couldn’t go wrong
  6. Hi Rich, I have it all aligned now. Just drove 600 miles and no sign of uneven wear so far. I had a good look at all the bushings on the old control arms and they all shows signed of being slightly perished. I took the car to a professional to realign the suspension after I replaced all the control arms and it was worth every penny. I really like your parts diagrams - is it possible to purchase this software? Ken
  7. My 2007 2.2 D estate hit a pothole and smashed front spring with thrust bearing on passenger side. Replaced them but noticed serious swaying at rear with massive wear on insides of rear tyres. Slip test showed 11m slip per Km to the near side. Suspension tests showed up fine. Adjustment of toe was not improving things and mechanics said to get rid of it. Anyway I am stubborn so replaced all control arms in rear and now slip reduced to 1 m per Km. running tests on road now to check wear. Confused as to how the alignment could be so difficult to adjust without replacing the arms and yet they all appeared in good working order.
  8. Be interested to see if Dyno reading has improved much
  9. Years since I heard that song 🙂
  10. Problem solved with a bit of epoxy resin to stick the trim on
  11. Haven't been on for a while - really busy at work. Anyway I had fun with a big pothole - smashed front passenger spring and thrust bearing as well as knocking out the alignment of my suspension by bending the antiroll bar and a couple of drop links. Almost have it all fixed now - some of the Potholes around here are as big as Iraqi tank traps. It could have been much worse if I was going a bit faster 🙂 Apart from that the x-type is going nicely

  12. The quarter waist seal fell off my 2.2D x-type estate and left the remains of 4 bits of rusted clips connected to the glass. Contacted Jaguar and the 4 clips only come with the glass at a cost of £500. I have a replacement waist seal and was wondering if anyone can provide a photo of what the clips look like so I can manufacture my own and maybe save a few hundred quid at the same time. Can't believe they only come with replacement glass! Better still, if anyone knows where I could buy the clips I would really appreciate the help. Ken
  13. Problem sorted. A pipe had come loose from the turbo. Car running sweetly again.
  14. Joe there isn't any hissing or gushing sound. The smoke is clear - sitting in neutral i can rev the engine to max and only a small amount of black smoke comes out. Definitely no blue smoke. I will try to feel the turbo shaft tomorrow and see what happens. Ken
  15. Today i accelerated to overtake some cyclists and there was a bang followed by a loss in power. Don't worry i hadn't struck the cyclists!!! I can drive slowly but as soon as turbo needed there is nothing. I cant hear any metal on metal scraping and have checked for loose/broken hoses. Not convinced it is the actual turbo - could it be the EGR? No error lights showing. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Until now she has been going a dream.