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  1. Hi has anyone had the engine remapped on a 2.2 Diesel and if so can you tell me any positives or negatives please
  2. tony you can pay me via paypal my email address is davecox3@icloud.com it will be 16.50 inc postage and packaging will put full instructions in but basically you just put the disc in switch on and wait for the disc to load takes about three or four minutes while it updates everything then go as normal
  3. Tony I have a new copy of the 2012 disc you can have for £15.00 plus the postage works perfectly
  4. Hi this is easily fixed go into vehicle menu then calibration this allows you to move the cursor to exactly your position then just save it really is simple and is explained in the X Type handbook if you don't have a copy let me know and i will photocopy the pages for you, I also upgraded my satnav disc to 2012 version works perfectly and has newer maps than that found on the 2008 disc again if you need help PM me davecox3@icloud.com
  5. I have a very heavy clutch pedal but everything is working fine no slip, no drag no vibration and no noise at all, local garage says he can change just the clutch and slave without the mass flywheel has anyone else had this done and does it work
  6. Can you explain please the difference in drivability thanks
  7. The blanking plate can cause an increase in emission as the egr valve is put there to reduce the emissions i have had major problems and having the changed the EGR valve and putting in premium diesel had no further problems, i asked four or five garages about removing or blanking the EGR and they all said they would not recommend I think its a suck it and see you will get the engine management light coming on unless you get it mapped out when you carry out the blanking
  8. Has anyone any experience of replacing the dual mass flywheel on a 2.2 x type diesel 2008 for a standard flywheel, I am told it doesn't effect performance and is a cheaper option to replacing the dual mass flywheel
  9. Thanks for your reply I have just had a new exhaust manifold,Turbio and accuator fitted and at the same time had a new EGR and a new Mass Inlet Valve so intend just to keep the whole lot cleaned on a regular basis I am getting around 54mpg on a steady run of 250 miles at average 75mph and around 35 to 38 round town which I think is good
  10. Has anyone any experience of removing the EGR valve on a 2008 X Type 2.2 Diesel and does it improve performance any help appreciated also has anyone managed to get this model chipped
  11. I have 11-12 Satellite Nav system DVD pm me at davecox3@icloud.com if you are interested
  12. hi I had major problem with the EGR valve which resulted in Turbo failure a very expensive mistake, the EGR valve fitted was £150 the turbo £1500 plus fitting if I had cleaned the valve or replaced it I would have avoided the expense. Lesson learned the tuning garage that fitted everything said don't block or remove the EGR give it regular cleaning or repack the valve and the problem goes.
  13. Has anyone had any issues with the Mass Air Sensor and if so what symptoms did you get would appreciate an answer, I had mine plugged into a diagnostic unit and it said faulty Mass Air Sensor I have lost power and engine has started to smoke and smells of diesel at the rear end
  14. check the connections in the unit mine is in the boot take to clips off and put back on again a simple thing but it worked for me