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  1. Thank you for your reply and helpful tips. I plan to show this thread and any suggestions made here to the THIRD place I am now taking my car too. They are an independent local garage but with a good amount of recommendations which has been established in town for over 100 years. They deglazed the brakes and for a day or so it was lovely. But then it returned.
  2. Dear fellow Jaguar owners, It's been a while since I last posted. Hope you have all been enjoying driving your lovely cars. Been busy fair to say. I can't belive it's been two years since I acquired my beloved 'black cat'. But also been suffering. Sadly. All this time, to date, I have had and continue to have a brake squeak. I maybe mentioned here. Anyway, to summarise - - tried using Jaguar Lancaster - they had at least four efforts and changed pads and discs. - after a year with JL having failed to cure the problem, I suggested if they would be agreeable to letting me try a brake specialist. They agreed. The brake specialist spoke to JL and said they will try out a non-Jag brake pad which they said is softer off market item. JL said go for it. This place tried another at least four times. First brakes then discs (that had much life left in them). In the end they failed and said they had no other ideas. In all I have now spent in the region of £1k± Brakes still squeak so much my ears bleed. There is no rhyme or reason, high speed or low speed. I am a very careful driver. At wits end. Love the car - which is perfect in all other respect. ANY advice, suggestions or referrals would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Gents, the car is due back at Jaguar...again! after spending over £800 the brake squeak is still there. Ever so, but there. Now, there is another squeak (not in my head...as I sprayed some WD40 there), but I noticed/heard when slowly driving in the car park. It's not a brake squeak, but when the car is moving around 5mph....a squeak, squeak sound. What have they done...? I took it in to fix a problem and came back with two new ones. Any ideas or thoughts in what it could be?
  4. Welcome to the Cat Side Chris....wow....24 and an owner of a SType! Great stuff! Enjoy and good luck. Service it...at a reputable dealer. For or parts try Kent Jaguar....I just found these guys and they seem pretty good. I have a visor and a mirror on order with them.
  5. Hi Steve, That is exactly the sound - rubbing rather than squeak. If it was a squeak, it would have made me crazy. The rubbing sound is moderately soften enough to be overlooked most of the time. I am more curious about WHY it happens. Does anyone have a technical explanation? Is it possible to be fixed? Does it happen on all S Types or randomly?
  6. Thanks Peter. Last nights drive home and this mornings were without incident. No sounds. I drove with windows down, radio off and a sense of paranoia. I forgot to mention, I also did 6 monthly mini service. All in, I am very disappointed with JagLanc. For a specialist and Jag approved specialist who charge an arm and a leg, this is not the standard of service one expects. Still. Fingers crossed my beloved 'Black Jag' remains in its usual good health. One things - does anyone have a steering wheel that make a slightly muffled sliding sound? This is not new, mine always does. I wondered if its the norm?
  7. Update on recent matters - 1. Brake squeak - Took car into Jaguar Lancaster and this time they diagnosed the need to change all the brake pads and discs...total cost circa £800 2. Damage wing mirror - JagLanc simply said they cannot repair it and need to order a new part from Germany. Picked up the car on Thursday and did not really drive it. But this Sunday I noticed there was a jangly-rattling sound. So called JagLanc and they said bring it back. Took it back. They looked at it and said it is fixed. Drove off, but it was still sounding the same. Went back again. This time one of the fellows came out for the drive and agreed it was a sound that was not my imagination. I was really unhappy. This car is by no means a showroom car - it is an old car. But it is tight as a drum and makes no noised such as rattles or knocks. So having taken it in for a squeak, to only have a worse sound - I was really disappointed and very worried. Anyway, this time they said they found a lodged small stone and some dust - which they removed and it did not make any sounds on the drive back. I noticed a faint sound of the squeak again. I also noticed the judder of the chassis/frame - but unsure if it is my imagination/paranoia. Plus, I noticed there was a rattle of the chains - again not sure where or why...but that is NOT a sound this car has ever made. Hoping it was noting but I am really paranoid. This car is a car that makes no unhealthy sounds.I don't want it to suddenly start becoming a problem car, as it is a lifer for me. Anyway, there it is. As a side, I found a spares place and they very helpfully suggested I can let them find a fix for the wing mirror. Any views or thoughts will be very much appreciated.
  8. @ McMilan - looks amazing. What is that colour...British racing green? Enjoy!
  9. Thank you Ross, your car sounds lovely and always a nice feeling when find the one you really want. I also looked for and got lucky with my find.
  10. Not quite side by side...but here is an effort to compare...old v new.
  11. Stunning Russ....beautiful colour, one of my faves! I really hope one day to take a pic of my car next to an old S type too. BTW, what's your cars spec?
  12. Loved reading this thread...and loved the pics...post some please, Myself, always loved MarkII/Stype (old) since I was kid. Got my dream car an AMDB7 at 37. Needed an every day driving car...could not imagine a Focus, Mondeo et al...so thought long and hard and decided, then luckily found my beloved Black S Type V8 Auto....at 41 years young. No one has suggested it's an old mans car. I love it every day more. Puts a smile on my face every dear more. You may have seen it....but here it is again, with my initials on the plate.
  13. Thanks Andy, I will post a couple more, if I can upload them.
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