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  1. Only 5 miles each way, then it's got to be a petrol! Get a 4.2 V8.
  2. Well I've been trying to manage this problem and have found the 'gearbox fault' which is followed by locking if self in 3rd doe's not happen within 30 mins of a cold start but as I travel for a hour each way to work it causes me to have to pull over and restart.The fault only happens on 3-4 changes when driving normally if I use a heavy right foot it doesn't happen which isn't possible in traffic.So after 30 mins from a cold start if I drive into a 40/30 mph limit I have to put level into 3 and only back into D then road speed is back is 50mph and I can floor it. Same applies to roundabouts and junctions.Now today the fault happened less than 5 mins from cold start which doesn't help as I trying to make it last to after
  3. Cheers. This is my 3rd S, maybe time for a change!
  4. I don't think the car is worth a repair as it's done 180k and every panel has a bad scratch or lacquer peel and it's £300/400 + fluid for 2nd hand box.
  5. Hi, fluid changed a few weeks ago but made no difference.
  6. Hi all,My S has been slipping gears 2-3 for about 6 mths and been trowing a fault code up for the same about every 6 weeks.Yesterday and today it has now coming up with P0783 shift malfunction. The gearbox changes have feel worse over the last week.So I think the end is near for my jaguar!
  7. Yes you have the wrong tyres! But don't worry as they are very close.
  8. X ZT owner! Me too I owned 3!
  9. Hi, it doesn't matter what spare you have. Most S types have a space saving spare wheel. If the overall diameter of your spare was different from the alloys on your car (which yours isn't) then it would just turn your abs light on. But it would have to be a good few inches.
  10. Looks great and the same as mine. Does the boot still open fully then using remote? Mine doesn't it opens about 3" then stops which I like as I'm in and out of the boot all day long getting tools etc and it stop the boot getting wet then it's raining .
  11. I had this, turned out to be a fault sensor. Turn your ignition on, put it in reverse and then put your ear to ear sensor. You should hear it ticking.
  12. Hi, you don't need to justify buying a ramp through the business, the tax man doesn't go through invoices in detail. If they did ask why just say it's to service the company vehicle.
  13. Sorry I had a mistake - 99 - 05/2002 are different from 5/2002 onwards!