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  1. Thanks for taking the time to let us know all that! 3 Jaguars??? GROWL 😁
  2. Gents, thanks for your advice, my battery was on its way out! It’s a 2004 with original jaguar battery so I suppose she deserves a new one!
  3. Thank you again Peter, I will check this too. Our forum is a wonderful source of advice and cameraderie! Bill
  4. Thanks Peter your the second member to suggest this! I’m on the case youre a gent!
  5. Thanks joe I’ll give that a try, I’ll get battery tested
  6. Hi Bill i too get Handbrake Fault and Gearbox fault messages more regularly recently. If I switch off ignition remove key and start again it clears the message, sometimes takes 2 or 3 attempts. But like you say car drives fine. I tend to wait until all lights on dash go out before I turn to ignition. mine is 2004 2.7d auto S Type be interesting to hear other views best regards Bill W
  7. Hi folks, is it possible to clean the inside of headlights on a 2004 S Type?
  8. Gentleman, Using Claws suggestions I now have a working remote fob! I think it was No.2 that worked, the main beam option, Claws I can't thank you enough! This has saved be a considerable amount of money. I can't believe this is not made known by jaguar many thanks again my friend Bill W ps I didn't hear any chimes but it still worked
  9. Thanks Ron, I appreciate your response, yes please keep me posted, sounds like you have the same problem. I think there is a company here in Ireland that might be able to help. Likewise I'll keep you informed best regards Bill
  10. Hi folks, wee problem with remote for my 2004 s type 2.4d. Remote function ceased to work, it's not the battery tried new ones. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. Hi guys, I've had the Catmobile serviced locally all is well. Problem with aircon remains, it has been checked and temp. at low and high levels are fine and no leaks. Still only warm air emitting from vents, so it's been suggested it's the aircon compressor. Does that stack up with you guys? Any suggestions for fuel additives and how often for the S type 2004 2.7d auto? hope you are all well regards bill waters
  12. Hi Peter, Think its about double that over here in N Ireland!! I'll shop around and hope regassing sorts the no cool air problem. best regards, Bill
  13. Thanks Peter, Im putting the car into a local garage soon for a general service, they mentioned re gassing, i noticed in a journey the other day when I had been driving for an hor or so the dashboard around the cockpit was very warm, eg the plastic in front of dials and around the centre console. I'm hoping this is not an expensive fix!! Thanks for taking time to help best regards, Bill
  14. Hi thanks all for your help. I'm still no further forward. I looked under bonnet today, dangerous, I know zero about engines. I asserted that water in Coolent tank was very hot as were pipes around it. I could not get filter cover off, large rectangular filter on right side of engine. Also the water in tank was clear, cover said use orange coloured liquid? any more thoughts? I may take it to garage next week when I'm home again, but would rather go with a semblance of knowledge. thanks in anticipation Bill
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