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  2. I’ve also read on another thread that the bonnet has to be closed, is there a sensor on the bonnet then as well?
  3. Oooh thanks for that Leo, I’ll check with the garage
  4. Hi old peter thank you for your comments. I might give it a go. Rims for the Xj are quite pricy. So may have to wait a few weeks. Someone did mention to me that I should check the lower bushes. Have you heard of that and are they something I could check
  5. Oooh thanks for that Leo, I’ll check with the garage
  7. Hi Gary, and welcome to the Club! If they have had the car a while the battery may be low, and low batteries do throw up all manner of electrical issues on our cars. Get them to charge it overnight, and see if the warning persists.
  8. Good evening Im about to take delivery of an 08 XF but it is having problems showing low coolant intermittently but coolant level is ok and the garage can’t find the fault yet. Sensor and coolant headed tank have been replaced. Is this a frequent know fault with this model. XF 2.7 Luxury premium? regards Pash
  9. Thank you very much for your reply. I think I had that sensor changed, but that doesn't mean it's not faulty. I'll look into it.🤔
  10. Hi Peter, and welcome to the club. I have heard that smaller rims can give a better ride, such as 18" rims rather than 19" on an s type. What you have said does seem to to fit in with what others have done. Certainly I have a very smooth ride on my s type with 18" rims -- the s type is a fairly big car! Regards. Peter.
  11. Hi, The offside lower wheel arch bracket has corroded to nothing on my 2003 S - Type. This effectively leaves the bottom part of the wing / skirt free to vibrate with potential to crack the laquer finish. What I wonder were jag thinking about when they had the bright idea to provide a metal bracket to fix two plastic components together.............. Does any member know where i would be able to purchase both the n/ side and o / side brackets please? very many thanks Dominic
  12. Premium Members can receive the following discount on Catalytic Converters: Wholesale Net Trade Prices on mail orders place through the website
  13. Hi Everyone I am a new member. I have just purchased a 2016 XJ. While I am very pleased with the car.The ride is not quite a smooth as I thought it was going to be. Seems to pick up all the road imperfections and is a little bit annoying. It is running on 19inch rims and I was wondering if replacing them with 18 would make a difference. Any advice appreciated Kind regards Peter
  14. Thanks Trevor! I’ll look into Tesco’s deals. I wasn’t sure if a normal SIM was suitable. Will keep you posted.
  15. I have just rang and apparently they have not received the email!!! So I have sent it again and asked for a return email saying they have received it. I will let you know what the outcome is.
  16. Hi Rob.....welcome to the Club It would probably be best to obtain a data only SIM as there should be good deals through companies such as 3 or Tesco for 20GB data packages. Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  17. How did you get on with it....did they replace the whole pedal box assembly?
  18. Hi did you get on with this issue? What was the conclusion?
  19. Welcome to the Club, Paul.
  20. How did you get on with having one fitted?
  21. Damned unfortunate! How did you get on with rectifying the damage?
  22. Please let us know how you get on and what the conclusion is, thanks
  23. Let us know how you get on with this and how the engine system upgrade affects performance, etc
  24. I have sent them a photograph of the fault but have not heard anything back yet, I will ring the service manager later.
  25. I wonder if it is the coolant temperature sensor which is giving a false signal which in turn would control the ignition and injection and this is causing it. You can test it with a cheap scanner which shows the engine temperature as it warms up.
  26. Hi Barry....welcome to the Club I would scrutinise the service history and see that everything has been maintained at the correct time/mileage intervals. Otherwise, not sure of any issues that would lead to premature failure of components if it has been maintained and also driven correctly over its life so far. Let us know how you get on with acquiring it and ensure that you get a good warranty with it if purchasing from a dealer. Cheers, Trevor
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