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  2. Welcome to the Clu, Dave. Like Peter, I also had (2) 2.5 X-Types (AWD). No on a 2.2d XF Portfolio and cannot imagine me driving another brand.
  3. Welcome to the Club, Alan.
  4. No, but I can tell you from personal experience that thumping it doesn't work 🤔
  5. Jerry Brett


    I think 251 is injectors. Have you done a leak off test?
  6. I have a 2015 2.2 Diesel XF on about 45k miles Car is in great condition, well looked after, but has developed a wobble. Very hard to describe but feels like every dint in the road is exaggerated, and every road without any holes or bumps, you can still feel an exra wobble as it drives (any speed) - almost like every few revolutions of wheels its going over a small bump. Its just been in for 4 year service and MOT, at Jaguar which is passed with flying colours, and they confirmed the suspension is fine. Tyres all ok, apart from one which has a puncture repaired. Jaguar recommended balancing the wheels, to fix the problem which they did - at a steep cost, and this has resulted in the wobble being more noticeable, not less. What makes me nervous is that I had similar problem with my last car an S-type which resulted in me replacing nearly every suspension part possible, but it never really went - just cost a fortune, and that was not via Jaguar, but a local garage. Any thoughts / clues appreciated ?
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  8. Hi new here hoping you can help I have a 2002 S type 2.5 petrol V6 I had OBD DTS messages missfire on cylinders 1,3 and 5 removed 5 of the six coil units and spark plugs did not want to remove the inlet manifold for the rear one cleaned the plugs checked the gap, resistance tested the coil units got the same resistance across all 5, then replaced the unit back on the car but did not put them back in the same place to see if the DTS moved but it did not restarted the engine bit of right foot plugged the OBD back in and got cylinders 1,3 and 5 missfire. Read on line that this can happen if the camshaft jumps a tooth i have heard of this happening on belt drives but not on chain drives, just seems a bit strange for it to be all three on the same side could it be the ignition controller all three on the same side to me makes it sound it is not Please people any ideas Many Thanks
  9. Greg63


    WITHDRAWN I left this post online for the weekend mistakenly assuming that these FOC seat covers would be useful to somebody, as it appears that this is not the case, please disregard the info as I now Intend listing them on eBay as an alternative way of passing them on to a new user. Regards, Greg.
  10. HI all I am having problems with my 2006 my s type Diesel going into reduced performance mode I know i have a problem with my one EGR valve the codes i am getting are P0407 Exhaust Gas re circ sensor circuit B low there has been a lot written about i think this can be resolved by either replacement of my preferred option of remapping but the other is P2008 Intake manifold Runner control circuit open bank 1 Thuis seems to manifest itself with a Reduced performance mode at intermittant intervals especially after sharp acceleration I know there should be a module that controlles this operation but i cannot seem to find it ? any help would be apperciated Best wishes Julian
  11. This company is spot on for prices and quality parts. Dont be led by the nose on replacing with Genuine Jag parts, these Brembo parts are fully coated and i have had no issues with quality so far. WIth regards to the rear discs and pads, from my tinkering on the Web prior to buying my XF, it was suggested that the friction material on the rear pads is softer than normal to accomodate for the EPB. There have been instances in the States whereby the EPB would be applied after a run, hot discs, hard material, discs cool down, run you over... Hence the change to the softer compound. Sure enough, on my inspection yesterday, the rear pads are down to 50% of their originally fitted thickness after 10 months, but at £24 a set, i am really not complaining.. They are easy enough to fit without any special tools or SDD.
  12. Hi Dave, A Derbyshire meet would be good. We lived in Derbyshire for 12 years from 1971 to 1983 and still go up to the County for days out quite regularly. A Sunday in July would be great! Regards, Peter.
  13. Last week
  14. hi Old Peter yes she holds the road well, possibly the most enjoyable car to drive that i have had for years. its so nice to be back in a jag after a string of rather mundain boxes on wheels!! It would be nice to have a get together simewhere in Derbyshire this summer, great countryside to drive in😊 and some lovely scenery to boot....
  15. I get hot air on both sides and cold air in the center, I changed the valve and still have the problem. Whats next, is it the Jaguar S Type Climate Control Unit ?
  16. Evening all, Hope someone can help! Jag XF brochure for 2019 says the smartphone pack is standard on the portfolio (amongst other trims). I picked up my brand new XF Sportbrake Portfolio yesterday and no evidence of android auto on the touchscreen with or without my phone plugged in, just the prompt for "InControl" apps. "Local" dealer is over an hour away so hoping I don't have to make a trip back! Any clues? Am I doing something wrong?
  17. Hello Folks, I’m thankful for this group as it’s too much helpful for me. It’s good platform to help each other. I have Jaguar XF 2008 model, It was working perfectly till today afternoon suddenly I’m stuck with 1 minor parblem and hopefully someone help me for the same. Today afternoon I noticed that my car battery was completely dead and I was not able to do anything. Open my boot with key blade than took help from my friend and did jump start and unlock my car with fob and eventually it started working fine. However, after that it was not detecting my fob so I placed my key in socket and my car started again I drove 20 miles and came back to home and tried to lock my car but both keys was not working and was not able to lock my car. I got some information from this group and changed the battry in fob but Still I’m not able to lock or unlock my car also it’s not detecting my keys when I’m inside my car. kindly help me with this issue, Thanks in advance Regards, Mr Bhatt
  18. Welcome to the club, Dave. I used to have an x type 2.5 AWD and found it a great road holder. We had a meet in Tamworth last year but not well attended. It was a pity, as it was a nice summer day. Regards, Peter.
  19. I'd be tempted to go to these guys Cheers Mike
  20. Personally I think the Spires exhaust looks to have a higher quality finish. Just my opinion though, let us know which one you go for and what you think of the results. Cheers, Mike
  21. Hi everyone, just joined and thought I'd say hello. My names Dave, and am from Derbyshire, Derby in fact, and have had several jags an XJS 5.3 and an XJ40 and now have my 2.5 and the other halfs 2.1 I have an x type 2.5 01 plate with 66k on the clock, zircon blue and really nice condition. Hope that there may be some meetings near by that we could attend.
  22. Hi Guys. Small problem Jaguar XF diesel when sitting in reverse with foot on the brake just idling I can hear an intermittent knock knock sound from under the car and I can feel it through my feet. It only appears to be in reverse it sounds like a solenoid going on and off, the car dives absolutely fine and when on the move I hear no noises. Recently had a service but cant see how that would have had an effect. Any ideas?
  23. Greg63


    Hi all, I have recently traded in my 2009 XF and now have a set of quality rear seat covers that I no longer need. They were supplied by a company called 'Over The Top' at a cost of £175 inc. delivery. I bought them to prevent my dogs muddy paws ruining the leather seats and they worked perfectly. They are in great condition, grey fabric with waterproof base and are machine washable, (please see details on the OTT web page) I'd like to offer these to another XF owner at no cost other than to cover postage. If interested please contact me via email Best regards, Greg.
  24. Hi Bob, I would go the whole hog and get rid of the space saver and get a spare wheel. You might even be able to sell the spacesaver. It does not save any space at all on the s type. My s type has a spare wheel fitted at Castle Vale --- great peace of mind. Regards, Peter.
  25. Welcome to the Club, Alan. On another post, try eBay for the wheel that you are looking for. Regards, Peter.
  26. I had occasion to attempt to fit the space saver spare on the rear of my 2005 S. The wheel is brand new, never been used so you can imagine my surprise when I found that it did not fit! The centre aperture was too small to fit over the bearing casing. I found this strange. Has anyone else had this problem? Do these spares have a variety of centre apertures? I spoke to Jaguar hoping that I could swap this brand new non-fitting wheel for one that does fit but they were not playing. They wanted to sell me one that fitted! The difference is fairly minimal so I am thinking of grinding away the centre until it fits. Anyone got any ideas please.
  27. I've just picked up a x-type and im in need of finding 1 alloy wheel 18" bbs Melbourne can anyone help thanks.
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