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         New to the forum ! Recently bought a XJ6 Sport few little issues with it front speakers not working & Oil pressure seems to drop now and again.


Also have an X-type 2.5 V6 for sale for spares and parts i believe it is the clutch as i drove away one morning and there was a pop and no drive !


Any advice would be great !


Andrew Wylie

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Welcome to the Club, Andrew.


It does sound as if the clutch on your X type has gone.  Pity. the 2.5V6 is a good car.


The XJ6 is also a nice car.  I would guess that there is a poor electrical connection with the front speakers unless the settings have been altered, which I wold look at first.


On the Oil pressure I would not like to guess, as I am not expert in those matters.  There will be a member who will have more knowledge than myself.





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Price of repair for the clutch is abit pricey ! Shame as ive spent alot on it all the common faults have been sorted !


Have checked all settings and connections but still no joy ! Has an aftermarket Cd player but cant see that to cause a fault !



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