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Air conditioning - question


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The good lady has just get a 2006 X-type and when we test drove the aircon seemed to be cold for a while and then blow warm after a 5 minutes.


The dealer said it would be sorted (bit of an Arthur Daley).


The wife says she thinks it is no different to when test drove, so just wondered what could be the problem.


I will try and take it out for a good run myself to check it all out, but if the car needed a re-gas then I would expect it to be lukewarm all the time, and if the compressor was at fault, then it would not do run could at all.


But any ideas on what to look for, listen for when the wife lets me starts poking about under the bonnet.


I want to make sure if it's a big issue I am back to the dealer by the weekend to get sorted.


Checked out the sills (having searched on this forum ahead of test drive), and looks okay but will be using a fine tooth comb over the whole thing and making sure this motor is looked after a bit better than her last one.


Must say as a Lexus LS 400 driver, the Jag was quite impressive with the 2.1 litre petrol engine, and quite pokey in low gear, and it is a million miles better than the Honda Civic she had before.


I am sure I will be posting other questions once I get behind the wheel properly, and post a photo on the profile.

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Hi Pete,


I had an x type 2.5 petrol with an 05 plate prior to my s type, and the aircon is up posed to be left on all the time.  Whatever the temperature setting it always seemed to blow hot for a minute then set about getting to the temperature required.  My s type does the same.


I think that a good run, as you suggest, would be the best course of action, and if it is a hot day, set the aircon fairly low, say 18 degrees centigrade. When [and if] that temperature is achieved, try setting at a higher temperature, say 25 degrees Centigrade.


As you say, if it just runs lukewarm a regas should cure the problem.


Let us know how you get on.





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Just been out for a drive.  Within 20 seconds it was blowing cold air, then after 5 minutes it had decided to no longer do so.  Inside temp set out 17, outside 24, so it should have been blowing cold.


Stopped for two minutes, and then re-started engine and cold air for about 5 minutes, and then it starts to warm up.  


If I pumped heat to 25 it worked out that I wanted inside warmer than outside, so pumped out really warm air.


So plan is to see if a re-gas is needed.


I assume the cabin sensor is behind the vent to the left of the steering wheel.  Is there likely to be a fault with that, it might it need a clean, not sure, but any suggestions welcome.


I'll update once I have popped off to KwikFit or Auto-tyres for a check over.


In auto mode the fan was running so hard it was a bit difficult to have a conversation, same with my LS, which is why I rarely use auto on AC systems.


Noticed a few chips  that need seeing to, but engine bay looks fine, and body work in general pretty good.  


What it could do with is a bit of TLC on the leather as it is in good nick, just needs a good clean to get it to sparkle.

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Update - Been a long time as car was with mechanic while we had a break in the sun.


I was told it was an fault with thermostat electrics, but could not get the chap to give me a proper low down - but the dealer we bought from paid for it to be sorted, and now the missus can get really chilly in a minute or so.


Still need to load up photos of the motor, but no spare time at the mo.

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I have a 2006 2.5 V6 estate X Type Jaguar which I have had since 2008 I must say it has been a very reliable car. My air conditioning has started doing this. I find that the air con blows warm after 5 mins so I knock the car into neutral's turn off the ignition and start the engine again after about half a mile same problem so repeat the process again and we carry on for about 10 mins then warm air. I repeat the process and I can then drive from Cornwall to Wolverhampton with a cool breeze keeping the car very pleasant. Same problem coming home usual process then cool air all the way home. I am sure there is plenty of gas because the air is very cold. I have used this technique on local journeys and it works every time. I am lost for an explanation. 

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Welome to the Club, Keith.

I have ands type 2.7 Diesel which I have had since 2013.  Air condition is reasonably good but not as good as my wife's Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

I just wonder why?  At the moment I am not driving more than 50 miles a week so a long distance does not give me a check of the Air Condition.

Good Luck 



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