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Wheel Alignment


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Hi Everyone


I just had a 60000mile service and the independent garage informed me I urgently needed two new front tyres and a wheel alignment.

So I ordered 2 Pirelli PZero Assimmetrico's on line at Kwik Fit at £96 per tyre, I was quoted £116 at my local Kwik Fit so a good saving by paying on line, having phoned around a few more tyre places I could not get them any cheaper locally.

I aslo booked to have the tracking checked and adjusted at £44.95.


I was very impressed with both the equipment used to check the tracking and the service and adjustments made by Kwik Fit Centre in Redditch..

The equipment they used was the Hunter Hawkeye Elite and while sitting in the waiting room I could see on a computor screen the readings from the alignment machine and you receive a before and after print out.

If you are experiencing any uneven tyre wear I recommend the Hunter Hawkeye and next year I will be back to get it checked again.

Hopefully the cost of the alignment check will be saved in reduced tyre wear and increased mpg performance.

At close to £100 per corner you need to take care of those tyres.





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Hi John,


I have not had good experiences with Kwikfit, and when I had an X Type I needed two front tyres after a bad pothole experience, and got both Pirellies the same as yours for £190 from Halfords in Sutton Coldfield.  The wheel alignment cost £29.95, but they forgot to either do it or charge me, so the next day they did it for nothing.


But each of these and other companies differ from town to town



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On the one occassion I used Kwickfit, I found them to be totally incompetent. In removing all four tyres with the steel lever bar on their machine, they managed to scratch every wheel rim because they did not use the plasic shield between the wheel and the bar.

The response from the manager when I complained was that they had not received any complaints from other customers!!! Total cowboy operation.

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I would have to admit that I only selected Kwik-fit on price and they are the nearest tyre fitting location to my workplace. However I was surprised to see the fitting station had been refurbished and it looked much better than the last time I used them to replace my company car tyres at least a year ago.


However I did check out online what equipment they were going to use to check my alignment.

I was very surprised to see how bad one of my tyres had worn on the inside tyre wall so getting the alignment checked and adjusted was very important.

I was getting between 48-50mpg on my weekly commute to and from work, its improved a little to around 51mpg since the alignment check so its very early days but I hope it continues.


So this topic was just to inform other members of the club of my problem and the costs associated with correcting it. If they are seeing uneven tyre wear to get it checked out and dont wait.

In my opinion Kwikft did a good job for me on this occasion however I would not use them for brakes or servicing, I will stick with my local independant garage.

I dont work for Kwik Fit or for the supplier of Hunter Alignment Equipment.





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