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Chrome Grille Bars


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Hello fellow members,
I discovered a company in Australia http://www.carshine.com.au
who were selling chrome grille bars that fitted over the existing set
of grille bars to a give a similar look to the original S-Types and Mk
2. Sadly they have stopped selling them and will not renew the order
with their supplier due to die damage.

http://www.carshine.com.au/Pictures/Jag ... 20View.jpg
http://www.carshine.com.au/Pictures/Jag ... 20View.jpg

Is anyone aware of a supplier anywhere else or another way of achieving the same effect?




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I liked the look of the chrome grill. I tried with self adhesive strip but couldn't get it as neat as I wanted. A French owner of an S type had done this and from the pictures I saw it looked the biz!

To cut a long story short, I kept looking on the net, mainly in the US. and finally found one in Texas.

To my dismay they replied that they wouldn't post overseas. So I pretended to be a girl who wanted a chrome grill as a present for her Dad! It worked!

I have it installed on my Radiance red 3.0Ltr. S type and just love it.


Good luck in your search for one...............IP

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Hi Andy

What is it you're tyrying to say?

Adamesh do not offer chrome grille bars only mesh replacements and there are none on eBay.



Many apologies firstly for my typo which meant to say" adamesh do some great grills for the S type"

I didn't realise they only deal in mesh grills, guess the clues in the name. I didnt study their catalog hard enough when I purchased mine.

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