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Replacement for 20" BBS wheels?

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I have an low milage 02 XK8 convertible, just as a summer toy.


Two tyres are due for replacement, two wheels are slightly deformed (passed MOT OK) All the wheels would benefit from a cosmetic refurb, the rest of the car is very tidy


Due to the poor ride on 20" wheels, rather that spend money on them, I am considering buying a replacement set of 18 or 19" wheels and tyres - selling the old wheels to help with the cost.



For ride quality / comfort would you recommend the 18s or 19s ?

Are there any wheels / wheel suppliers that you would recommend - or avoid? Do not need to be OE.

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I have managed to find a set of new 18" OE Jaguar wheels, so now need to find a way of selling my 20" BBS Detroit wheels..........Not into eBay


Any Idea of their value? All quite serviceable, but ready for a smarten up, two newish Dunlop tyres, two worn but useable Pirrelis 

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