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HELP Rear brakes


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You will all be fed up with me soon, I have just replaced front brake discs and pads on my new X Type diesel S with ease and moved onto the rears and !!!!!!!!!!!

Disc replaced tried to push back calliper piston NOT A CHANCE i can twist it out but won't go in have released nipple still no joy tried a push in tool N`O CHANCE tried a bar NO WAY

What do i do now and no the hand brake is not on

my knuckles are bleeding my knees are sore and my head hurts ADVICE PLEASE


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Hi Craig,


Try googling X Type Jaguar - rear brakes which I have just done and it comes up with a HOW TO .


The bit I saw was both instructions and pictures of how to do it.  If I still got my hands dirty, I would do what it says.


Good Luck and let us know how you got on.





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