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S type Jaguar 2003 Engine


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Hello All. I'm looking for some advise.

I own an S-Type 3.0 SE petrol Jaguar that I have had since 2006. It's on an 03 plate. Its been the best car I have ever had by a country mile. However, it broke down. There is a loud rattling noise coming from the engine like a bearing in a tin can. I took it in for repair and have been told the bearings on the crank shaft have gone and it would need a new reconditioned engine. I ordered an engine from a site called 247 spares and when it arrived it was the wrong one? I'm not a mechanic but was told the cam sensors were on the back instead of the front and it was a different engine. The spare company have been more than helpful but haven't been able to find a replacement. So they have collected the engine and refunded me in full.


So here is the problem. I cant seem to get anyone to tell me which engine I need. No one will confirm that what they are offering will fit. There seems to be a few engine codes. How do I find out?





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Hi Alan, and welcome to the club.


I have had a look round and find that Wikipedia gives the manufactures specification for the S Type engines.


There is a company called RE - replacement engines, who might be able to help.


I will keep on looking and see what I can find.





Lancastrian in Exile.

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Give Dave at Eurojag a ring. Best in the UK and Europe for used Jaguar S Type parts and have huge stocks of early and late parts. Ask for Dave and say Dave Pretty told you to telephone him . He will give you all the help you need and also probably have a good engine as well at a very good price if you say I put you onto him plus dont be afraid to haggle and ask for the best he has gt , I always do !!! . These guys only deal in Jags are very switched on and have been around for donkeys. The best by far and very reasonably priced for antrhing you need. His number is 01325 722777 and I now he wil help you. Good luck.


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