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Premium Member Discount: Headrest Mount


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Discount Info: 

Premium Members can receive 10% off all products at www.headrestmount.co.uk

About Headrest Mount:

Headrest mount has been designed and developed by racing driver Chris Dymond after a number of my customers on track days had cameras removed from their cars because they were not physically attached.

Headrest mount over comes that by clamping to the cars headrest pillars, and as a result has been officially endorsed by Gold Track track days and approved for use at every major circuit in the UK, including ALL Motorsport vision venues!

Of course Headrest mount isn’t just for track days, an increasing amount of customers are buying mounts purely enjoyment of driving their cars on the road, be that a driving tour holiday or simply a picturesque route closer to home.

Headrest mount is compatible with all cameras from professional “DSLR” cameras to pocket digital cameras and of course the action cameras such as GoPro hero range, as Headrest mounts mounting system uses the industry standard ¼-20 thread found on all cameras.

Headrest mount is available in two variants, the more traditional double pillar setup (found on most cars) and a single pillar version for cars with the wider, single, headrest support such as TVRs and Kit cars, both of variants are available to buy online at our website as well as a selection of accessories.

Both variants are available in two packages Standard and Deluxe.

Standard package includes 1x Headrest mount, 1x60mm Mounting post and 1x 7 hole mounting arm for £120

Deluxe package is as standard but also includes 1x125mm mounting post and 1x 10 hole mounting arm for £188.40, a saving of £20 over buying the parts individually.

There are 4 colour options available Red, Matte black, Blue and Gold.

Headrest Mount are working on a “bucket/sports” seat version currently which will be available in the coming months, along with a more versatile roll cage mounting.

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