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X 2.0 D jerking,black smoke


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Hi my X had rough running was jerking misfiring with black smoke and engine sometimes stalling I had cleaned my EGR and manifold so checked pipe work and found the clip on intercooler had rusted and snapped with the pipe blown off so fit back with new clip engine now running great ( I think that the clip rusts so bad as it is touching the sponge under the intercooler that was wet through but it did take ten years)

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Hi Chrissy,


Finding a cheap cure for rust has puzzled the scientists for years. As a former steel worker getting car manufacturers to use galvanised steel was an achievement that took about 50 years.


My first car was a 1962 Triumph Herald.  I bought it in 1965 and had to scrap it in 1968 when only 6 tears old due to terminal rust.





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Hi just to say that the hose and clip can be checked by looking through the front bottom grill with access by removal of the small front lower panel which is held on with a few torque screws then the old clip replaced and you can push the hose back on with a flat bar or tyre lever up from below it's best to raise the car on that side for better access,it's worth a check I hope this helps.

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