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S Type Sport glow plugs


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Welcome to the club, Chris.


Changing glow plugs is not the easiest of jobs, apparently.  I say "apparently" as I don't get oily hands any more,  but I did find a diagram on a web side called fixya, but I have since checked the site and someone has removed it.


You have located the plugs, and the basic instruction is to go carefully.  If you look back on the s type forum - about December 2013 - you will find some advice from members who have changed the plugs.


I will continue to look around and let you know what I find.


My s type is a 2.7D SE, and a couple of months ago I had the Terraclean process done on the engine and it has made quite  a difference to both performance and mpg.  The process costs circa £125 and could well be cheaper than replacing 6 glow plugs, as it cleans the fuel system thoroughly.





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Hi Chris,


I have had a good look around all the websites I know, plus a few more, and I am not finding very much.


One little piece of advice I saw was not to replace them unless you really have to.  The diagram and detailed pictures I saw on fixya seems to have got erased in the last 8 months, and as fixya is a USA site there is not a lot there as diesels are not very common in the USA.


I have tried You tube and there appears nothing about glow plugs in the S type.


There is a company in Enniscorthy that supplies kits for glow plug work but they are for professional mechanics and very expensive.


If there is not a specific problem with the glow plugs on your S Type sport I would not be inclined to change them, but rather use on the the cleaning procedures that now exist which can clean the plugs without removal.


I will keep on looking.



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