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Body Processor Module - XK8 Coupe Feb 2003

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Surprised and disappointed to find that a body processor module is no longer available from Jaguar.  I have never had a problem with parts before, including the venerable Mk II I owned 40 years ago.  With only 71,000 miles on the clock, I am not about to change the car!  All suggestions welcome.

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Hi Robert,


I have just recalled an Independent Jaguar Specialist in Stoke on Trent   ---  XJK - Independent Jaguar Specialists.  They have been recommended by several Club Members.


And I have just checked their site and they have what I think you require, priced at £195.


Worth looking at.





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i have a 2006 xk8 and was told i needed a body processor module but Jaguar no longer makes the module.

i was unable to get the car out of park. took it to a dealer who said that it was not the brake switch. their opinion was that i needed a BPModule. They told me to buy another Jaguar. They could not fix it. Of course they are a dealership.

does anyone know the cost of a used one and the cost of labor to get it done?

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