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I have a 1982 XJS 5.2 V12 HE (it's actually an exstate version of this car called a Lynx Eventer).


The bonnet is locked shut and the bonnet release cable has snapped.


There is an American on Jaguar Forums who has successfully got around this problem and he has posted an extensive narrative on what he did complete with photos and a "with hindsight" section saying what he would do differently to save time and effort if he had to do it again.


I am not technically minded so would appreciate URGENTLY to hear from anyone if they have had (and solved?) the same problem - CAR BEING SOLD AT SILVERSTONE AUCTIONS ON SAT 20 SEP 2014.


Anyone willing to come and solve this problem for me I will pay them!!!!

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Welcome to the club, Allen.


Like you I am not technically minded, but there some XJS owners who are.


Trevor [Jagslag] might be able to offer you some good advice, 


Also, there is a topic in Jaguar Owners Lounge concerning Recommended Jaguar specialists and its lists locations.





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