Hi All :). looking for advice

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Hi All,

My grandad has recently passed away leaving us with his Daimler 3.6 auto 1988. We would like to sell the car having no use for it ourselves. Im posting here to ask for advise on any dealerships or individuals that may be interested.

Any help is appreciated

Many thanks,


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Welcome to the club, Tom.


I would not approach a dealership  ---   they would not see a Daimler, they would just see a nice fat profit.


There are some specialist magazines which could be used for an advert,  but what you first would have to do is establish a fair price for the car.  I would put the details on google which ought to throw up some comparisons, and then take it from there.


Good luck,



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Any joy Thomas,


As your aware everything comes down to condition, why not pop it on here aswell, you never know,

A nice early xj40 or even a project with a few pics and a description!!!


There are a few on, auto trader and ebay, worth a compare if nothing else as Peter recomended.

Nothing ventured nothing gained an orl that...



Bryn. . .

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