2.0 dsl - no start - can't communicate with ECU.

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My brother recently bought a non- running 2007 X type Jag with the 2.0 dsl engine from a friend of his .

This friend maintains whatever vehicle he is driving to a high standard and the Jag with 150K mls is immaculate - and my brother had admired it for a long time .

About 2 mths ago , while returning from Dublin on the motorway it gave a puff of black smoke and cut out . He had it recovered to his local garage , they told him it would cost €1500 to sort so he decided to sell it - and my brother bought it , hoping to fix it for himself .

However , the owner of the local garage tried to scan it using a Launch - but could not 'communicate'. He had successfully scanned one or two other Jags previously and has been using the Launch for years now with great success.

All fuses , connections etc were checked out but still no joy .

A guy who does 'mobile diagnostics ' was then contacted and he felt confident that he could scan it - but he also failed. I don't know what kind of equipment he had but as he does this for a living it must be of a reasonable standard.

The Launch will communicate with ABS etc but not the engine .

The second guy said the engine in the car is the exact same as that in the Transit .

We have made a lot of enquiries with friends in the trade - but Jags are rare enough around here so not much success .

So I'm coming on here in the hope that someone may have come across this problem or similar .

Fuel pumps often failed in the Transits - but not being able to communicate means fuel ral pressure can't be checked for example.

Any help/ideas/suggestions (e.g. websites etc) very welcome .

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Welcome to the Club, Padraig.


It doesn't look as if diagnostic tools can solve the problem. ---  unless  the diagnostic connection is faulty.


I think it could be a case of going back to basics with a few spanners got out of the tool box and oily hands.


There could be a member who has come across this before.


Good Luck





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