Heater on one side gone beswerk

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Suddenly this evening driving with my normal temperature and auto settings, the temperature became unbearably HOT, I had to open the car windows to cope.

The only unusual occurrence was my passenger connected to my Mobile Telephone Parrot device, with bluetooth, then the Heating went wild, I am not sure this fact has any relevance but it was coincidental .

Happy Christmas Friends,


2004 S Type SE

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Hello Colin,


I had exactly the same thing happen about a year ago, the three way solenoid valve went and took the climate control computer with it. If you're lucky it's the three way valve only.


Take it to your local Jag specialist, in my ignorance I took it to my dealer who took 2 months to fix it and charged me £1300.00. You can get reconditioned control units online if it's required.





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