Strange issue. 2.7 Diesel Sport

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Mentioned a few weeks ago an issue with lumpy idle when engine cold and planning to get a Terraclean service as suggested but a  new issue has developed.


I was out in the car twice recently and when I drove off immediately after starting, the car had restricted power as if a limp home mode had activated. The  symptom could best be described as the same as you get when a car has a speed limited fitted and activated, no matter how much you press the accelerator the car wont go faster or change gear. No error message is displayed and switching off and starting the engine again cures the issue.


My thoughts are that if I take time to let all the warning lamps go out on the dash before turning the key the final turn to start then the fault does not show itself but starting it as soon as the plug warming lamp goes out causes the issue, but not too sure if this is linked .


Your thoughts / suggestions would be greatly appriciated.

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Hi Harvey,


I have never had a problem starting up, but my habit when starting the car on any occasion is to switch on the ignition and then wait till all the lights go off before starting the engine.  Also I treat the engine very easily at first -- made a bit easy for me as I am able to reverse the car on the driveway to a position where I can drive out into the road, which I cannot do quickly as the road is relatively busy and it is a few minutes before I actually get going.  Add to that,  the road is a thirty MPH area for a few miles.






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