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I may have been looking in the wrong place but can anyone tell me the correct/safest method for charging the battery on my XF

Do Iconnect the two cables from battery charger to the relative "pos" and "neg" terminals of the battery, or should the neg lead be connected to the chassis as when accepting a start from another battery.


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Welcome to the club, Mike.


Battery charging: My s type Owners manual says that you should disconnect and remove the battery before commencing the charge. And then connect to the positive and negative leads to the respective terminals.


I have only had to charge the battery once, and being as it is stuck in the boot and quite heavy, I just connected the charger leads to the battery and switched on.  I charged for about 20 minutes on quick charge which had it fully charged.


Had the battery needed a longer charge I would have taken it out completely as instructed.


When using the jump leads, the positive lead should connect to the positive battery terminal and I believe that the negative terminal should be connected to a suitable earth point in the car.





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Hello Peter, many thanks for your reply and your personal welcome to the Jaguar Owner Club.

The font i used may have hidden the fact that my car is a Jaguar XF and it is fitted with a battery monitoring system (BMS) and the connection is on the negative terminal of the battery and I am concerned that this could be detrimental to the system if I connect directly to the neg terminal rather than the frame.

I am probably being over caseous but I fear damaging electronic components which abound on today's cars.

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