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must gave the most unreliable and troublesome S type ever.  Bought it new in 2002 and it has been nothing but trouble since.  Many intermittent faults that are there one day and often gone the next although after 150,000 miles I have probably had enough and an contemplating scrapping it if i can't fix the latest round of faults.  Hopefully someone in the forum can help.  I have a rumbling sound at certain speeds, a bit like dring over a rough road surface or washboard, the running is sometimes lumpy, it currently has restricted performance and limp home mode and just noticed that the RH cat was glowing red hot....................

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Hi Steve and welcome to the Club.


A lot of faults there that would delight a main dealer!   IF you took it there.


Personally, I would look to trade it in for maybe a later s type. They are  great cars, and the later models are still plentiful.





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Thanks Peter


at this age and condition, its worth very little, just scrap value.  No more jags for me I think



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