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Hi all,


I am a Jaguar enthusiast, always have been. I served my apprenticeship at a Jaguar specialist in Kingston Surrey, and worked as a tech at Guy Salmon before leaving the workshop. I still love 'tinkering' with cars, old Jaguars especially!!


I once owned a 1966 3.4 S type, which I sold in 1986. I have regretted this ever since!!!


I am trying to track down my old car, to see if it is still around, and (hoping against hope) would dearly love to own it again.


It is a Brookland's Green 3.4 S type. I still know the reg No, would anyone on here know how I could trace it??


Many thanks.



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Hi Steve,


Welcome to the club.


Tracing a car from almost 30 years ago is difficult.


I have been looking at sites selling tyres and they always want the reg no of the car.


That might be worth trying to see if the car is still on the road.  That would be a start, and then you could try the DVLA.


Good Luck,



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Hi Peter,


Thanks for your reply.


I have typed the reg No into the DVLA site, and all the details come up, its not taxed or SORN.


I sold it to a policeman from Whitton, I can remember exactly where he lives as I delivered it to him. I just looked at the address on street view and there is  an XJ6 S1 parked in the drive?! Maybe he still lives there?


There's a garage behind the car, do you think my old S Type is still in there?!?!?


I live in Wiltshire now, but may well take a trip up there to see, knocking on the door won't hurt I suppose....

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I'll let you know how it goes.


I am a keen motorcyclist now, but as the winters are creeping up on me I have decided I might go back to classic cars. I bought my 'S' type from a chap on Kingston hill. He had it from new and I bought it in 1984.


He had just retired and his company gave him his current company car as a retirement gift, so he sold me the 'S' type. His company car? a Renault 11............


The car was in superb condition. I cannot remember what the mileage was but he had recorded every single drop of oil/fuel by mileage he had ever put into it, plus every service/repair in a small red 'Winfields' (Woolworths own brand)' book. It was amazing, like parchment in the first few pages. I remember the day I picked it up, it was in a carpeted garage! How I wish I had kept it now...


I paid the princely sum of £250 for it in 1984. I ran it for 2 years, and sold it to the policeman for £1200 (from memory)....


Its interesting to note that they are currently fetching c6-10k in decent running order.

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