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Attached is photo of warning light that I got this morning almost as soon as I left home. (you can see the temp gauge is not even at half way level yet.

Additional information: 

1.       Red low coolant light goes on – then after 10-15 mins goes off.

2.       Water in Radiator seems ok – I top up a bit every 3-4 days – not a lot.

3.       No water leakage under car.

4.       New Radiator installed a few months ago.

5.       New Container next to radiator also installed.

6.       Temperature gauge always goes from stone cold to mid-way – and stays there.

7.       This week performance is now not good – some misfiring on start-up and also over certain speeds and under 20 MPH.

8.       Check engine performance amber warning lit up once – two days ago.

Any help appreciated as this is getting on my nerves now L

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Welcome to the Club,Bradley.


Is your S Type a petrol or diesel engined car?


Does the temperature gauge move up quickly or slowly?


I will look around and see what I can find,





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hi bradley

could it be the head gasket had a the same thing on my merc

I put some k seal in and it done the job


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Hi Bradley,


I believe that the correct place for the temperature gauge is halfway.  My temp gauge moves up very slowly [this is normal for a diesel engine] and then it sits there.  That tells me that there is no great problem with yours.


You should not have to top us that often, though, and Trevor has made a good suggestion.


On the amber light - check engine performance - a OBD2 code reader would be useful and you could get one for under 30 euros by looking around on eBay, if you have not already got one. [i have just changed some money into euros so I know the exchange rate at the moment  --  A week in Galway has been booked for June] 


I have seen quite a few posts on red light coming on saying low coolant, some of which have been due to a minor leak or a faulty sensor. However you had new coolant parts [rad and reservoir] fitted, so it is possible that a hose is not tight enough somewhere.


Follow what Trevor has suggested and see the result.





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You have just described the exact same symptoms I've had over the past six months...I had the engine pressure tested because I suspected head gasket issues, but was assured it was ok. But last week (after three months of constant motorway driving if 110 miles a day) I had a puff of grey smoke and a misfire ...Then oil all over my drive! Currently looking to get it reliably repaired!

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